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I bought New Moon last night. My brother, Evan, saw Twilight with my mom and I, and we were all surprised at how much he liked it. I decided that since he hadn't yet seen New Moon, it was high time he did. Last night, we watched {Team Jacob!}.

Now I say Team Jacob, because I am... This does not mean that I hate Edward. Quite the opposite really, it is impossible NOT to fall in love with Edward. He's sexy, he's smart, he's wealthy, he has a great family, etc. But he is SO depressing. He is always self loathing, and a little bit Emo. I know most girls would kill for a guy who's sole purpose for living is to make her happy... I am not one of them. I would quickly feel smothered, and move on.

Jacob on the other hand, was fun, and hilarious, and such a good friend. I just really liked Jacob, and felt totally gypped when he ended up with {SPOILER ALERT}, OK I won't put it, but most of you know.

ANYWAY, I'm getting off track from my story...

Last night, just as the movie was starting, Evan asked me, "Is that annoying guy in this movie?" He then did a series of spastic actions and gestures, which I assume were supposed to represent "the annoying guy." I knew he was talking about Mike, and whattaya know, Mike is in the 3rd scene!

There is a scene in New Moon when all the kids are eating lunch, and Mike decides to ask Bella on a date. He is so incredibly awkward and uncool. Right as this was going on, Evan practically cried out with anguish, "I hate that guy! He reminds me so much of ME! That is not who I want to be in life, I want to be Jacob!"

I could only laugh.

Morg & Ev Washing Dishes age 3

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  1. If it helps, I had a crush on Evan for basically all of 7th grade. :)

  2. That is so funny. I can only say that I watched this movie because my husband wanted to watch, but I must say I liked it until the ending... That's crappy "I'll turn you into a Vampire if you...." Ruined it for me. How the heck are they going to do that?

  3. Anonymous3/22/2010

    I remember those chairs...I didn't know we had them that long though

  4. I really like Edward in the book cuz I thought he was so sweet and loving and mature. But in the movie, he gets on my G-D nerves!!! he's WAY emo and annoying...so in the movie, I LOVE Jacob! Plus Taylor Lautner is WAY cuter than...whatever his name is (i know i cna think of it...this pregnancy brain this is SO real! I can't remember ANYTHING these days!!!!)


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