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Chicken Leggings

It is no secret that the current fashion trend involves leggings.  At first, I thought, "Really, leggings?"  I used to wear them when I was in elementary school, and sometimes got made fun of because, "those aren't real pants."  Well now everyone seems to think they are just fine.

I have been hesitant about buying some because, let's just be honest here, I have thankles... You know, thighs the same size as my ankles?  I'm working on coining the term..  Seriously, no matter how hard I work out to try to get Beyonce thighs it just isn't happening.  I'm stuck with toothpicks.

I am also bow-legged, but only in my right leg, which is also knock-kneed (my knee turns inwards instead of facing forward).  My mom thinks that because there was zero room in her womb, with two other babies sharing it with me, my leg got "bent out of shape."  So now the problem is obvious.  Really skinny, barely there pants on bowed chicken legs...

I bought some anyway...

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  1. leggings are the best!!! usually when I wear them I think, my legs are WAY TOO FAT for these! (which, lets be honest, they are.) However, becoming pregnant has made the fat legs problem even MORE obvious, yet they are pretty much the only pants I feel 100% comfortable in. Hmmm....decisions, decisions


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