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My Head of Lettuce

Sunday night = Family Dinner. On last night's menu? Mom's tacos... Delicious! Every dinner guest we've ever had will agree. While shopping for last minute toppings Saturday afternoon, my mom received a phone call.

Mom: "Hello..."
Griffin: "Hey Mom, for the tacos tonight, will you buy the good taco lettuce and not the gross plastic-y kind?"
Mom: "Gross plastic-y kind? What are you talking about?"
Griffin: "The last time we had tacos, the lettuce was gross and plastic-y..."
Mom: "OK, I'll buy some more lettuce."

Later at dinner...

Mom: "Morgan, the last time you guys had tacos, do you remember that I asked you to buy a head of lettuce?"
Morgan: "Yea, I did, it's still in the fridge, but it probably isn't good anymore... Do I need to go buy another one?"
Mom: "No, I bought some lettuce today, but apparently last time you bought a gross plastic-y kind?"

{Mom digs old lettuce out of the refrigerator}

Mom: "This isn't even lettuce, this is cabbage." {Laughs hysterically}

I shrugged, "There's a difference?"

Apparently, there IS a difference between lettuce and cabbage, and everyone but me knows it. Just reason #40 why I am a Domestic Goddess.

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  1. ah ha ha ha ha!!!! And i love Grif's description...it DOES kind of taste plastic-y...or at least kind of rubbery compared to lettuce. ha ha

  2. bahahahaha. thats so funny!!!

  3. Ha ha ha I've totally done this!


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