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I love love LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance, SJP NYC.  With hints of mandarin, wild red strawberries, gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and vanilla; SJP NYC seriously smells just as fun as the packaging looks!  It is usually only available at Macy's, (the largest bottle the perfume comes in is 2.0 oz for $49.00) but today, the Home Shopping Network picked it up!


I have been waiting for this perfume to show up at the Perfume Spot, because I don't want to spend nearly $50.00 for only 2 oz, but no luck.  This is such a great deal!!!  Like I said, the sale is only today, because it's their Special Value, after today it will go back to $59.00 for the whole kit.  They are also selling the items individually and the 1.0 oz perfume as well.

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  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! That is a great deal... Thanks for sharing. You can't go wrong with SJP. :)

  2. If i had extra money lying around, I would get it because I'm pretty much in love with SJP and loved her other perfume, so might as well give this one a try. Plus I'm looking for a new scent. I've been hooked on very Sexy from VS and (don't laugh) Britney Spears Curious for several years. I think it's time to mix it up. ;)


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