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Weekend Update

I had to drop one of my classes. I have been really "gung-ho" about graduating, and ended up biting off more than I could chew this semester. I'm a little disappointed in myself, because I wasn't doing well in the class I dropped anyway. Every time I opened the textbook I felt like I was reading Russian. No matter how much I studied for this class I just couldn't understand it. I felt like my life was being spent trying to decode one class. I studied, long and hard, for the first exam and still failed. Our midterm is tomorrow. I have been reviewing for 3 weeks, and after failing a practice test, I decided it wasn't worth the stress or the negative effect it is having on my other classes. Luckily my graduation date is not hindered because it is being offered this summer. I have already hired a tutor.

Taken when I was stressing about Organic Chemistry...

We have bees in our chimney. Yes, bees in the chimney. One chilly December evening we decided to have a fire only something was very wrong. The gas and smoke didn't go up the chimney, it just came flooding into the house. Figuring there was something wrong with the gas pipes, we added it to the list of household repairs and haven't used the fireplaces since. Yesterday, whilst watching TV, there was a faint buzzing in the living room. We found the culprit, a big Wasp, and killed it. Shortly after there was another wasp, so we killed it. As we were vacuuming up the two corpses, we noticed two more wasps, and they were coming from the fireplace! We unloaded a can of Raid into the fireplace and sealed it closed with Saran Wrap and duct tape. Apparently the reason our fireplace was backing up into the house, is there is a very large Wasp nest blocking the chimney. Unfortunately exterminators don't work on the weekends, so nothing can be done until Monday! Yikes. I wish Burt was here, he'd take care of them!

I have recently re-discovered Kool-Aid. I haven't drank this stuff since I was maybe 10 years old, but BF's roommate lives on it. I was over there the other day, and he made some "Purple Drink" and pured me a glass. Heaven. I have a little Tupperware full of Kool-Aid packs in my pantry, and have gone through about 4 pitchers the last few days. I love it. Not only is it delicious, but is also a good source of water. {I hate water}. BF was sure to point out that it is a good source of sugar as well, and that I should cut back a little.

The Academy Awards were on tonight. I loved it. Everyone looked so lovely, even NPH in his overly sequenced tux. during the opening number. I think Vera Farmiga's dress was my favorite, she looked like a flower. Also lovely was Maggie Gyllenhaal, her dress looked like a painting, and I thought SJP's dress was so pretty, except for the drape around her neck. And while I strongly dislike Miley Cyrus and can't for the life of me figure out why she is famous, I thought she looked great. Also Helen Miren looked gorgeous, as always. That lady knows how to dress.

Anyway, that's my weekend wrap up. It was very uneventful. By the way, is anyone watching Jimmy Kimmel right now? The Handsome Men's Club is killing me.

That's all, have a great week!
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  1. OMG!!!! That is the BEST!! I couldn't stop laughing!!!!


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