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Fun Facts
I am a Baller

Since I have a bunch of new readers/subscribers, I decided I would start doing some "getting-to-know-me-fun-facts."

I am a baller... I started playing basketball when I was in the 3rd grade. My mom helped start a local basketball league and now it has turned regional including leagues in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.

First year playing.  I think I was in 3rd grade.  I was on the Trojans.

I loved basketball and had a natural ability for it. When I started playing, I was only 1 of 4 girls in a league full of boys. I loved it though, and I think I was really able to grow as a player because the competition was so tough.

My Uncle was our coach every year.

5th grade on the Wolverines

By the 6th grade an all girls league was started, and in the first year, my team, the Lady Rebels, went undefeated.  I played point guard and forward, mostly because I was fast, and could handle the ball pretty well, and the free throw line was my sweet spot.  I won a few shooting contests, because seriously, I rarely missed a free throw.

I made the All Star team a few times, basically the 2 best players from each team are all put onto one team that plays in California tournaments.  In middle school I still played league, but didn't try out for the school team because I was a cheerleader.  Again, we went undefeated that year, and I went to All Stars.

This was probably my favorite team EVER!  We were amazing and had so much fun.  We would warm up to Jock Jams before every game... In this pic we are probably singing that Boom Boom Boom song...

I continued playing NJB in high school, and played for my high school, but finally quit to persue dancing.

I miss it all the time.  Sometimes, I'll shoot around just for fun in my parent's backyard.  I still have a wicked free throw.
Just a fun MissPrissMorgan fact.

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  1. AWESOME PICS!! TOO FUNNY!! I can tell who all those boys are except for like 2, they are sooo little!! LOL!! Oh Summerlin League :) Trust me, you did not miss a thing by not playing more in high school!! Dance was WAAAAY more fun!! PRIMADDONA'S...woot~woot!! ha ha ha!! I can still ball you though ;) Good post! Now bust out the dance pics!!!

  2. LOVING your blog!! Great idea to help us "get to know you"!
    Hope you are feeling a ton better!

  3. Had no idea you played so much basketball!! good to know...I played for a few years, but nothing big. Havne't really played anyone since middle school and was greatly discouraged when sean and I were dating and his brothers collectively kicked my butt and made fun of all my shots ha ha can't wait to see more kid pics ;)

  4. Anonymous3/29/2010

    Fweetie! I didn't know your basketball # was 25! What was my football #? 25!!! SSSSSAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!

    Also, I got my first girlfriend from one of your teams. Jessica Napier. HA HA HA, oh we were SO tiny!!!!

  5. Anonymous3/29/2010

    Oh, and the league started in 4th grade. And tell how you lost us our first game because you made a basket for the other team. How many points did we lose by? 2...the 2 you scored. EPIC FAIL!!!


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