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Bargin Alert... Discount Nail Polish

I love nail polish. Let's be honest, I love anything that comes in a myriad of bright colors... Imagine my excitement when I found a super-duper discount nail polish website!!! Before I show, let me tell...

I have always loved OPI nail polish. I have not always loved it's $8.50 each price tag. I usually buy PINK polishe shades, but lately I have loved experimenting with different colors. I decided I wanted more colors, without the price, so I have been trying China Glaze brand. While China Glaze is less expensive than OPI, it is still close to $6.00 at Sally's Beauty supply and $7.00 at Ulta.

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Trans Design! They sell OPI polishes for $4.99 each and China Glaze Polishes for $2.60 each!!! AWESOME! I decided to place an order Saturday, after I watched UP, and it arrived today.  I do admit... I went a little crazy.

Up & Away
Something Sweet, Sugar High, Heli-yum, High Hopes, Peachy Keen, Happy Go Lucky, Lemon Fizz, Re-fresh Mint, Four Leaf Clover, Flyin' High, Grape Pop, Light As Air

Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns
Ruby Pumps, Cowardly Lyin', The Ten Man, Dorothy Who?, C-C-Courage, Good Witch?

Custom Kicks
Laced Up, B-Girls, Oh How Street It Is, Style Wars, Breakin', Entourage, Paper Chasing, Sky High-Top, Fly

Retro Diva
Stroll, Short & Sassy, Street Racing, Skate Night, Stella, Let's Groove

OPI Absolutely Alice (Very similar to Dorothy Who?)

China Glaze Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Raggae to Riches, Sexy in the city, Limbo Bimbo

I do have 2 minor complaints...

They only show "recent" collections in the bottles on the web site. For example, I wanted some polishes from the Retro Diva collection that came out Fall of last year, but Trans Design only has computer graphic swatches of available colors. To solve this problem I went to 8ty8beauty.com. 8ty8 has full views of the polishes in the bottles allowing for more accurate color depiction. While the China Glaze polishes are slightly more expensive ($2.68 each), the OPI polishes are cheaper at only $4.48!

Shipping is a little pricey (I paid $14 and change), so I just had to make sure I was spending enough to make my savings worth it. In total, with shipping, I ended up spending about $2.65 for each of my 36 polishes.

I am so excited I found this site and can't wait to try out all my new colors.

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  1. 32 nails polishes? OMG!! PS - I just got the OPI alice collection... LOVE IT!

  2. i believe I have AT LEAST 50 different nail polishes...I used to get them all the time when I was doing hair, they give free ones out like candy. But i have to admit, I'm kind of super in love with the Wizard of Oz ones--who doesn't love glitter??? I'm pulling out all my summer colors too, i love that summer feels like the one time of year it's perfectly acceptable to put yellow/orange/neon on your nails and no one looks at you weird ha ha


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