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Erin Go Bragh!
and a Hot Insider Tip!

"Ireland Forever"

Happy St. Patrick's Day. For those readers not wearing green... *Pinch, pinch, pinch!*

I love this holiday.
There are a few reasons...
1. I get to remember my Heritage
2. I like seeing people who aren't "too-cool" wearing green
3. It's fun to say "Top o' the mornin' to Ya!"

Today was such a nice day that I was able to wear a dress to school!

When I say it was a nice day, I mean that we hit 78 degrees!
It was practically hot, so after my first class, I played hookie...
This is what I did instead:

It's ok that I ditched, because I still got some studying done.

Afterwards, I got re-ready for the day.
I decided to try out colorful eyeshadow...

I waxed my own eyebrows yesterday.  I think they turned out really well.

Products used: NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Lime, Coastal Scents 88 matte palette, NYX Runway Collection for Brown Eyes the green and gold colors, NYX Herb eyeshadow, Urban Decay Mildew eyeshadow, Urban Decay Mildew Eyeliner, L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara & Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara.

By two o'clock, it was too hot to put my jean jacket back on,
so I wore my good ol' St. Paddy's Day t-shirt (seen here).

Pose from the "Pageant Days"

While I was at it, I decided to take some fun photos:

Love these "nerdy" glasses.

My Grandma stopped by to make sure she didn't need to pinch me
She brought with her a few cupcakes, just for me!

Mom and I had got St. Paddy's Manicures yesterday.

They were so delicious... Chocolate cake/cupcakes are my favorite, and they were so moist!
While enjoying the warm weather, and my camera, I thought I'd take some pictures of the flora blooming around my house.

Check out that lens flare!!!

BF is at work, but afterwards, he is having a little shin-dig at his house,
So I'm gonna go get my Irish on...

What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Insider Tip:
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  1. I was going to take pictures of me in my cute GREEN maternity clothes but I didn't get around to it :( So i'm glad you took pics in yours :) Cute dress!! And btw was it too cold to go lay out? Cuz I almost did, but then I was afraid I would get cold...there is nothing worse then laying out and getting goosebumps! ha ha

  2. I just started reading your blog about a week ago and it is fun to read! I really liked your green eye shadow for St. Patty's Day. I was wondering if you have ever done a tutorial for how you get your hair so bouncy and curly? If not that would be fun to learn how!

    Have a good day!

  3. Kirsten- I thought it would be too cold to lay out. I remember in high school, in March, my girl friends and I ditched class to lay out by the pool. After about 5 minutes, we were frozen, and went back to class. Yesterday though, was gorgeous! There was no breeze, and it was a solid 80 degrees. In the sun, I actually got hot, and had to move to the shade a few times!

  4. I can't remember when I started reading your blog, but I found it from the I Heart Faces "best kiss" entry you did with the batman shirts. SO cute! I just love reading your posts. You are simply fabulous.

  5. I love this holiday! Very cute green dress! Love the lens flair!! Im jealous of your weather! I wish it was warm here.. we get a few hours of heat then its cold. I can't wait til summer!!


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