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Shameless Product Plug

My hair does not grow. Well not fast, and even when it does grow, it doesn't get very long. When I was younger my hair was always long, somewhere between the bottom of my shoulder blades and my waist.

6th grade

8th grade

However when I was in the 8th grade, I was ready for an adult haircut. So I chopped off my locks (I got "the Rachael") and got highlights. Ever since then, my hair has never grown past my shoulders. This could be because highlighting makes breakage more common, but also I've had more than a few "the-stylest-botched-my-haircut" experiences.

Throughout High School, my goal was to have Farrah Hair, but it never grew past my shoulders .
Mishap #1 happened my first year of college. My mid-shoulder length hair was cut into long layers on one side of my head, and on the other side it was cut into a bob!!! Think, the asymmetrical haircut in Edward Scissorhands. AHH! Needless to say, the only way to fix it was to cut off all my hair:


**Side note** My stylist was acting crazy, I swore he was on drugs, and guess what? I saw him on an episode of Intervention last week. Turns out, around the time he botched my hair, he was addicted to Meth and Cocaine!!}

My hair grew to a decent length after this mishap, but it took a good 5 years!


Once it got long, whenever I scheduled a trim (every 6-10 weeks), my stylist would cut 2-3 inches off my hard earned length. I have also had highlights done at too high volume bleach, and literally melt my hair off... (pictured below)
This was my hair 2 summers ago. It was so ugly and short, but luckily, because of work, it was acceptable to wear a
ponytail everyday. I would also wear those fake ponytail hair pieces to cover it up.

Yes, I have been through it all, and decided that it was not my lot in life to have Rapunzel Hair. My hair will usually grow to just past my shoulders, and then stop. It never gets any longer! for the last year and a half, my hair has rested just below my shoulders:


At work a few months ago, I noticed my boss' hair was growing at an alarming rate. I made a comment to her one day, and she mentioned she had bought these "hair growing vitamins" so her hair would be long for her wedding. I was skeptical at first because I've tried everything, including putting Jell-O plain gelatin packets in my drink once a day. After I commented, I began observing her hair for a few weeks. After about a month her hair had grown close to 2 inches! It was amazing! She showed me what she used, and I immediately went and bought them.

The pills are called Healthy Hair by Energen. I bought them at Smith's Food & Drug for around $13.00.

I am horrible at taking "daily medications," thank goodness I don't have a condition that requires me to do so. I bought this little bottle back in December, and that day I got a full highlight. There are only 50 tablets in the bottle and I still have 12 left (I remember to take 2-3 a week). Since then I've gotten my hair only partially highlighted twice, so I could see the results of my experiment on the underside of my hair.

These were my roots on Wednesday!!! My hair had grown just under 3" in 3 (winter) months (when most hair is in a resting phase and doesn't grow)! AMAZING! I also forgot my real hair color! I haven't seen it since 8th grade. I thought it was a lot darker (most roots always look really dark), but apparently it is a dark blonde.

I have been noticing lately how long my hair is getting (in the back it touches my bra strap!), and I can only attribute it to these wonder-pills.

I went to the salon on Thursday and got a full highlight and a cut. We took about 2" off the length to better blend the layers, so I went and bought a new bottle of this stuff. I am so excited to finally be getting long, pretty hair.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure these results will work for everyone. I should mention that I am very careful with my hair. I only wash it every other day, and I condition it every day, and I NEVER USE A FLAT IRON or curling iron.

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  1. Anonymous3/20/2010

    You are gorgeous and I love your hair!!! Two other vitamins that help with hair and nail growth are fish oil and biotin! I have been taking both for a while and have noticed a difference. It doesn't matter what you do though, because you are just beautiful! Thee End :)

  2. Thanks for the "product plug" my cousin completely shopped off WAY more than I wanted her to any time I grew my hair out to be one length (it was a crappy A-Line bob) and I'm having a hard time growing it out. Being a wedding photographer myself, it would be nice to put it up (somehow) to get it out of my face. I'll have to try this stuff.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I recently had it cut short but now I want it to grow long again...its in that awkward middle stage-so I def. want to try these!

  4. I take hair vitamins all the time because not only are they good for your hair, it's the same vitamins that are really great for your skin AND your nails :) As for "making" your hair grow...i know they put vitamins back into your hair that can make your hair a lot stronger, which can prevent breakage. We used to have these discussions in hair school all the time... All i know is i FELT like my hair grew a lot faster so i used them :) ha ha p.s. when you go for a "trim" and they take off a few inches...i've been that mean stylist. It's because we know it's just going to break off anyway (for blondes) so we cut it to help the hair get healthy.


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