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Coffee Shop Photographer

After all the cold, windy weather we've been experiencing, Las Vegas decided it was time to warm up.  It was such a lovely day, that BF and I decided to have breakfast at Starbucks and sit on the patio.  While we were there, I decided to teach him how to use my Big Daddy-o Camera. 

When I get stressed out about photography, he is always offering to help take pictures, edit pictures, or rub my feet while I do it.  He's the best.  So I thought it would be fun to give him a basic point-focus-shoot lesson. 

They are a little grainy, because they were shot at a super high ISO (not sure how that happend).  I was showing him how to use actions in photoshop, and he decided that for these pics, he wanted a "Sun drenched vintage" look.  The above photos are what he came up with.  Yea, he's pretty much awesome. I think I just found a second shooter.

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