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Tell Me Baby

Here's my story:

My bedroom reeks of Vick's Vap-o-rub... The menthol-y freshness is almost intoxicating.

I have been through 3 boxes of tissue in the past 4 days. Three entire boxes, plus 2 mini travel packs... That's nearly 400 tissues... soaked in snot. Gross.

I Vaseline. Every time I see a jar of petroleum jelly at a store, I think, "I should buy that." It seems that everyone keeps a tub of this stuff in their house... except me. I've never owned it or used it for that matter. UNTIL yesterday. BF bought me some to rub on my nose. My poor sniffer is red and raw from all the blowing, sneezing, and wiping. This stuff is a miracle worker.  What are your favorite uses of Vaseline?

This morning I woke up with bright red eyes, seriously I look like a snake, or an albino! Creepy. At first I freaked out because I thought I had pink eye {eww, poo particles!} Who gets pink eye after age 5? Then I realized my eyes are just red and itchy because of my allergies... Phew...

As of noon today, my Spring Break officially started... 4 days early!  I kicked it off by grabbing a delicious smoothie, cleaning my room, and painting my toes a bright, cheerful yellow.

How's your humpday?

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  1. Anonymous3/25/2010

    My husband once got pink eye in BOTH eyes while being sick. Apparently you can also get it if you sneeze into your hand... forget you did and then touch your eyes. I thought you could only get it from poo particles too! (Dang that Knocked Up) and yes.. sweet sweet Vaseline.. I only use it for really chapped lips or a chapped nose when I'm sick. Feel better!

  2. I seriuosly use Vasaline for EVERYTHING!! I put it on my nose when I have a cold, on my lips when they get chapped, if you have baggy eyes, i'll put the vasaline in the freezer for a bit to get it cold and then put a little under my eyes, rub it on my cuticles if they are dry, I could go on and on.


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