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According to Dr. Mom, it's Pink Eye, also known as conjunctivitis. {Eww, even the word is gross}. She took one look at me today and flipped out! Luckily, b/c Dad is a Pharmacist, we have every kind of drug readily available. She gave me a bottle of drops, and hopefully it will be cleared up by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am currently experiencing the following symptoms:

Blurred vision
Crusts that form on the eyelid overnight
Swollen eye area
Gritty feeling in the eyes
Increased tearing
Itching of the eye
Redness in the eyes
Sensitivity to light

Yes, all of the above. Especially the ITCHY EYES!!! It is miserable! Because I am highly contagious, I have confined myself to my bedroom for the day, no friends, no family. BF did come visit earlier, but he stayed on the other side of the room, straining to see the TV.

My best friend, along with one of my lovely blog readers assured me that there are tons of ways to get pink eye, and I think I figured out how I got it...

One box of tissue

Monday night, while studying for my exam, I was super duper sick. Trying to read with a runny nose is a recipe for disaster. My nose ran like a faucet, and in 4 hours I had used up 2 boxes of Kleenex. Blowing my nose wasn't doing anything, so I decided to shove tissue up each of my nostrils:

Picture I sent to BF Monday night

This helped catch and absorb the snot, but it also caused A LOT of sneezing. I would sneeze into a tissue, and it would all bounce back into my face! I think I washed my face about 5 times that evening. I was also handling the tissue and not washing my hands as frequently as I should have. Anyway, I'm sure something wedged itself into my eye and caused this... Lame.

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  1. yeah, earlier I was going to tell you that I think I've gotten pink eye at least once a year since I turned 5 ha ha I think it has something to do with me wearing contacts...if there is a contagious eye infection anywhere within a 500 mile radius, I WILL catch it. I remember getting it in the first month me and Sean were married and he didn't believe that I actually got pink eye at 24. I assured him that was it, which was confirmed by the doctor. I am SO sorry!!! It is THE WORST EVER!!!!! Hopefully it will clear up soon :) glad you got drops! Those always help

  2. YUCK! My son got that this past winter from playing in one of those play tubes. Feel better.


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