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Miss Priss Beauty Poll

1. Mood:  So tired, and ill.  It has been 5 days, but I'm pretty sure I'm still not yet fully adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. Between that, and only sleeping 3 of the last 5 nights due to midterms... it's not wonder I've got the flu AGAIN!  I swear I'm not a sickly person, but this is the 3rd flu I've had since Christmas... Yes I got a flu shot, but everyone I've talked to says this flu just keeps coming back.  Mostly everyone I know has gotten it twice... Lame.

2. Eye makeup colors:  None, I will not be wearing makeup today... I will probably not even get out of bed today.

3. Gotta get it done:  My Genetics homework, I have a big exam on Tuesday, over 8 chapters!!! 

4. Breakfast beverage:  Currently drinking Sprite.  It's doing wonders for my throat.

5. Crushing on:  I'll tell you who I am NOT crushing on... Jessie James.  Whatta jerk to "allegedly" cheat on Sandra Bullock, esp. since the last few months instead of gloating about her own success has dedicated every moment to him!  Through all of it he just sat there and smiled.  Real men own up to their mistakes, not wait to be caught...  *ugh* I hate it.  This is the reason I never want to get married.
6. Outfit:  Blue plaid PJ pants, and UNLV hoodie, and slipper socks

7. Today’s fragrance:  Jergens lotion.  It isn't really a "fragrance" per se, but it smells like aloe vera.  Also Puffs with Vicks tissues... this stuff is awesome... smells wonderful; and cough drops.  I bet I smell so good right now.

8. Blush:   Who needs blush?  My nose and cheeks are bright red!

9. Highlight of the day:  Just got my hair highlighted... does that count??? OH WAIT, I'M RETARTED... This is supposed to be one of those "high/low of the day" questions.  DUH Morgan.  OK Let's try this again... Hopefully getting my car smogged and registered and being able to cross that of my Weekend-Must-Do list.  No, my life is not very glamourous is it?

10. Goals for the weekend:  CLEAN MY BEDROOM.   It is so messy.  I've been switching out my winter clothes for my summer clothes (We only have 2 seasons in Las Vegas.), and somehow most of them have just ended up on the floor.  I can hardly stand to be in there.

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9. Highlight of the day:
10. Goals for the week:

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