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Backed Up

I've mentioned it before... but I'll say it again. It kills me to read a blog post that starts with, "It's been for.ev.er since I've blogged!" or the like. It bothers me so much, that I've started deleting blogs from my blog roll if I find one post starting with an apology for not writing daily. Let's be honest, blogging is hard. It's hard for the same reason keeping a journal is hard, it takes thought, and time, and pictures. {my biggest downfall is pictures! If I don't have a picture of something, I feel like I can't blog it.} There are times when I feel like I don't have much to say because my life may not be super exciting at that moment. Or {my case lately}, I might be so on-the-go and so busy that I have tons of stuff to write about, but no time to write it.
Remember last year when for six months MissPrissMorgan was silent? {insert cricket chirps} I was living life! I was doing a lot of fun things: dating, making new friends, traveling, making mistakes, enjoying my hobbies, and riding on the backs of motorcycles with cute boys - but I didn't have time to document it. When I finally would have time to write, I'd feel really overwhelmed by everything I had to say. I'd try doing that thing where I back-tracked the daily goings on of the last few months, and let me tell you, what came out was nothing but rambling brain vomit. So I stopped. I lived, and I didn't document any of it.
It makes me sad that I don't have that window of time written down, but not sad enough to stress over the act of remembering, and then writing it, and then putting pictures with it. For those bloggers who are constantly stressing that they missed blogging about their family dinner, or baby's first burp, stop. It's ok. Don't worry about back-tracking, just start fresh when you have some time.
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A Summer Sum-up

As I mentioned, I've been away from the bloggy, living a pretty great life.  Since I started dating Muscley Arms, I have become ACTIVE.  I work all day, and play all evening, and it's been great!  My co-workers have even commented that my life must be so fun because I'm always doing something.  And it is!

Sometimes I get a little homesickfor my "shows," because the only TV I've seen since February is baseball.  Can someone please tell me what's going on in the love triangle between Steffen, Elana and Damon?  Or how about the Walking Dead?  Who's been eaten since February?!  I'm dying to know!

Meanwhile, I won't try to play catch-up on blogging, but I will throw up a few pictures of the delights the summer had to offer!

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I have a Sister

It's official, this only-girl-in-a-family-of-boys finally has a sister... and a nephew!
We knew it was going to happen, we just weren't sure about when. Sometime in mid-June was our guess. Then, Saturday night, we got a text that Evan and Alison were getting married Sunday night at A Little White Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Blvd. We're classy folks.

Because of past decisions, they weren't able to be sealed in the temple. Her family decided that since a temple marriage wasn't happening, they didn't support any marriage, and therefore Alison's childhood dreams of a big wedding wouldn't come true. My family tried to help, but because of financial limitations, we still were not able to provide exactly what she wanted... and let's be honest... every bride should get exactly what she wants on her wedding day.

Rather than crying over spilled milk, they took the opportunity to create a fun story, a memory, they'll remember forever. They chose to have a drive-through ceremony here in Las Vegas. It's good to know that they have set a goal to go to the temple next year, but honestly, the cheesy, Vegas wedding was a ton of fun!

They invited family and a few friends from Church, and one of them even dressed like Elvis to commemorate the feeling of the evening. It was perfect. Muscley Arms and I went to an Adult Store before hand to supply them with a "Bachelor Party in a Bag," and others gave them the wedding gift they needed most... Money!
I'm glad they made the decision to start their own little family, and I'm so excited I get to be a part of it!

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More Beach Get-Aways!

I love the beach. It feels like home to me. Last year was the first year in a long stream of years where I didn't have a beach vacation. When I went to Disneyland a few months ago, we swung by Newport just to dip our toes in the water and say hello. I think he told me he missed me too.
The countdown to Cancun has officially begun{<i>29 days!</i>}. There is just something about sand, surf, and sun that gets me all giddy inside. Imagine my excitement when I got a text yesterday that said, "Want to go to Mexico... Part 2?" Umm yes please?!

So, we're going.  Exactly 2 days after our Cancun trip!

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Ever have one of those days {or evenings}? You know the kind, something happens, and then the snowball effect occurs. It's amazing what one bad mood can do to the energy surrounding an entire group of people, and pretty soon, everyone is a grumpus.

I have fully adopted the idea of "do-over's." They're amazing. When in the throws of a frustrating situation, I simply jam the pole of my invisible white flag into the ground via Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring {"You shall not pass!"} and declare with conviction, "We are starting over, right now!" Sometimes I'll even put a time window on it, "Do-over on the last 15 hours!"

It works people. I highly recommend it.
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The Art of Listmaking

There are stages to writing a list.
First there is the gentle thrill of anticipation as I contemplate the paper in front of me. I may not yet have a subject for my list, but just the thought of one gives me a sense of purpose. Then comes the extraordinary sense of satisfaction from having created a rigid timetable of impossible tasks that has taken a disproportionate amount of time and thought. Finally, as I look back on the list, my head is clear again and I feel an all consuming calm.
It doesn't matter if I never look at it again.
I can't hold more than three things in my head at a time. As soon as I hit number four I'd better have a pen and paper nearby or I'm in trouble. So I make lists.
Hello. My name is Morgan, and I am a list maker.
I love making lists: to do, to make, to write, to buy. I make multiple lists everyday. I misplace them and write them again. Charles Green Shaw said, Charles Green Shaw: "Real happiness consists in not what we actually accomplish, but what we think we accomplish." My lists clutter my desk and my purse; little paper gnats giving me a perceived sense of accomplishment.
Psychologists say that obsessive compulsive list makers {I guess that includes me} are trying to create an illusion of control in otherwise chaotic lives. While my life isn't exactly "chaotic," my head is. Filled with ideas, projects, vacation destinations and other things things; and always going a hundred miles a minute. It can be exhausting. So, I see nothing wrong with the above theories. I have come to look at my list making as a medium for creativity. Some people paint, some "write." While I would like to say that my creative outlet is taking photos, in all reality I make lists. My stories, blog posts, and essays begin with lists. On whatever is at hand— often on post-its or napkins—I jot down fragments of ideas in the order that my mind offers them.
This is the first step - purging the pieces without structure. It’s notating in shorthand what will go in the container, whether the container is a blog post, a life experience or the garbage bin. My lists usually start small, and then expand, each individual tick becoming its own list, like a nesting doll.
Imagine my excitement when, during a rare trip to the book store, I stumbled upon this...
It's genius! Complete with quirky watercolor illustrations and prompts on every page. It's a non-journal journal for the OCLMs (obsessive compulsive list makers) like me!
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I've got this

"I've got this."





The Transfer

Me: *Panic. Confusion. Trying to fight back tears.

I was sick to my stomach. He wouldn't give me details until it could be in person, and I am not good at waiting on edge. He was just transferred here, how can he be moving again after only a few months?! Man, I'd like to kick his boss in the shins. When I got to his house he answered the door with a bouquet of red roses. "I bought these at 4:50 pm" he said. "Remember that, because that time is significant."

We put them in water and then were in the car driving downtown. Date night. Phantom of the Opera. We had decided it would be fun to get really dressed up and I did not hold back on the black eyeliner or mascara. I was kicking myself for it now. He started explaining that he got a call at 5:00 pm about his "new position" and that he would be starting Monday. He was confused, thinking he wasn't supposed to start for a few more months. This confused the person on the other end of the phone. "You mean, no one has talked to you yet?" "No."

Someone in the Utah office had resigned, and Muscley Arms was going to take over that position... starting Monday! I felt the warm water engulf my eyes, and then stream down my cheeks. I tried to hold it back, feeling really selfish for not even asking how he felt about it, but I couldn't help it. My entire focus went to controlling myself, and trying not to allow my nose to run or let out one of those embarrassing high pitched sob sounds. You know the ones. In my head, I imagined the worst.

He specified that he didn't have to move, but he'd have to work there most of the week and would be able to come home on weekends; and the transfer is only for a few months. Is that better? I think I cried harder. In hindsight I realize that it is better, at least I'll get weekends. For the last few months the most we've been apart is three days, now we'll be lucky if we see each other three days a week. He then told me that the roses were not part of an apology. He just wanted to get me flowers. But after an unsuccessful search for Peonies {my favorite} for nearly two hours he decided on red roses. "They're classic." All of that was before the phone call...

I find myself questioning if "absence {really does} make the heart grow fonder," or if we're still so new that we won't be able to take the distance. I finally got around to asking him how he feels about it. He's not happy, but he'll do it because he has to. So I will to. "We've got this," I keep repeating to myself. I'll do it because I have to. Because I want him. Because I want us.

I talked to my mom about it this morning and she assured me that it would be good for us to spend some time apart, "not even married couples spend as much time together as you two do." I stood there, bewildered, and then asked, "Why not? It's so much fun!"

Sometimes I think I'm being ridiculous about how sad I am, he'll only be gone a few days a week. But other times I think I'm justified. I want him close by.

I just hope Kelly Clarkson was right, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

**Update** He doesn't have to go! All that worrying for nothing! How annoying.


Jelly Belly

I love this time of year: the warmer weather, colors, and the overall sense of freshness and renewal.


Ahh Spring!

This past weekend was just lovely, filled with lots of candy, church, colorful clothing and family time. I love family time! Evan, Alison, Muscley Arms and I kicked off the festivities Saturday night by coloring Easter eggs. Baby Tanner even helped!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a lovely Easter basket from my mom, filled with candy and a card... the good kind of card! *wink wink*

I decided to make a basket for Muscley Arms, which was no easy task. He recently began the Paleo Diet which basically states, no grain, no dairy, no sugar... What is Easter if not for dairy or sugar?! I had to get creative. I filled his eggs with Pistachios and sunflower seeds, sugar free gum, sugar free life savers {which came in handy when all of us were eating our "real" candy!}, and dark chocolate Easter bunnies from Whole Foods {made with soy and dairy free}. Growing up, we always got fun stuff in our Easter baskets, like a new swimsuit, or silly toy, so I stocked up! Sidewalk calk, bunny blaster guns, and a kite!
Church was just wonderful, we had a great testimony meeting, and my mom even joined us! Everyone looked so beautiful in their pastel and floral dresses, and then men all looked so handsome in their pastel shirts and ties!

After church we headed up to my grandparent's house for dinner. Once we were stuffed, we burned off some calories by having an Easter Egg hunt.


... and then an Easter Egg toss. Lucky for us, we used hard-boiled eggs... and broke every single one!
It was a great weekend.
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Cave People

Welcome, welcome windy April!

I was under the impression that the blogging every.single.day trend was back.  However, this past week has been fairly "uneventful."  I say uneventful in that I didn't do much that most people would consider exciting.  There was some gym going, playing with Muscley Arms, and colored jeans wearing.  But that's about it, nothing to write home about, really. 
I think more than a lack of effort, my absence on the blog can be attributed to the fact that lately, I've been tired all.the.time.  Not just the "I was up late last night" fatigue I usually feel, but the "I was typing a document at work and feel asleep and got drool all over the original copy" tired.  I thought working on my fitness  a few nights a week would help, but alas, it's not working.  I've decided to join Mr. Muscley Arms and try out his "energy boosting" caveman diet.  Have you heard of this?  It's a no dairy, no grain, and no sugar diet. 
WHAT?!  No Dr. Pepper?! In the past, the only diet I've ever believed in was the "see food diet."  I see food, I eat it.  So, of course, because I don't like to feel "obligated" or the masochistic pressures that come with self denial, I'll most likely take a relaxed cave-woman approach.  Have you ever told this girl she can't have chocolate?  Don't. 
Anyway, Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has some fun Easter plans this weekend.

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My weekend in instagrams

1.  Enjoyed the beautiful {but bright} Spring sunshine
2.  $460 in Mega Millions tickets
3.  Treated myself to Fro-yo for lunch
4.  Celebrated a friend's birthday with cuppy-cakes
5.  Went to lunch with Ev
6.  ... I mean Superman
7.  I ♥ Pizza
8.  Visited Ev's fiancĂ© at her work to congratulate them on their engagement
9.  Shopping trip to J-Crew
10.  Good hair day
11.  Girl's night!
12.  Towel origami for a house guest
13.  More towel origami - an elephant!
14.  Watching General Conference with friends
15.  Started a gratitude journal
16.  Picking up Muscley Arms from the airport
17.  Snuggling, the perfect way to end a weekend

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