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My weekend in instagrams

1.  Enjoyed the beautiful {but bright} Spring sunshine
2.  $460 in Mega Millions tickets
3.  Treated myself to Fro-yo for lunch
4.  Celebrated a friend's birthday with cuppy-cakes
5.  Went to lunch with Ev
6.  ... I mean Superman
7.  I ♥ Pizza
8.  Visited Ev's fiancé at her work to congratulate them on their engagement
9.  Shopping trip to J-Crew
10.  Good hair day
11.  Girl's night!
12.  Towel origami for a house guest
13.  More towel origami - an elephant!
14.  Watching General Conference with friends
15.  Started a gratitude journal
16.  Picking up Muscley Arms from the airport
17.  Snuggling, the perfect way to end a weekend

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