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I have a Sister

It's official, this only-girl-in-a-family-of-boys finally has a sister... and a nephew!
We knew it was going to happen, we just weren't sure about when. Sometime in mid-June was our guess. Then, Saturday night, we got a text that Evan and Alison were getting married Sunday night at A Little White Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Blvd. We're classy folks.

Because of past decisions, they weren't able to be sealed in the temple. Her family decided that since a temple marriage wasn't happening, they didn't support any marriage, and therefore Alison's childhood dreams of a big wedding wouldn't come true. My family tried to help, but because of financial limitations, we still were not able to provide exactly what she wanted... and let's be honest... every bride should get exactly what she wants on her wedding day.

Rather than crying over spilled milk, they took the opportunity to create a fun story, a memory, they'll remember forever. They chose to have a drive-through ceremony here in Las Vegas. It's good to know that they have set a goal to go to the temple next year, but honestly, the cheesy, Vegas wedding was a ton of fun!

They invited family and a few friends from Church, and one of them even dressed like Elvis to commemorate the feeling of the evening. It was perfect. Muscley Arms and I went to an Adult Store before hand to supply them with a "Bachelor Party in a Bag," and others gave them the wedding gift they needed most... Money!
I'm glad they made the decision to start their own little family, and I'm so excited I get to be a part of it!

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