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Cave People

Welcome, welcome windy April!

I was under the impression that the blogging every.single.day trend was back.  However, this past week has been fairly "uneventful."  I say uneventful in that I didn't do much that most people would consider exciting.  There was some gym going, playing with Muscley Arms, and colored jeans wearing.  But that's about it, nothing to write home about, really. 
I think more than a lack of effort, my absence on the blog can be attributed to the fact that lately, I've been tired all.the.time.  Not just the "I was up late last night" fatigue I usually feel, but the "I was typing a document at work and feel asleep and got drool all over the original copy" tired.  I thought working on my fitness  a few nights a week would help, but alas, it's not working.  I've decided to join Mr. Muscley Arms and try out his "energy boosting" caveman diet.  Have you heard of this?  It's a no dairy, no grain, and no sugar diet. 
WHAT?!  No Dr. Pepper?! In the past, the only diet I've ever believed in was the "see food diet."  I see food, I eat it.  So, of course, because I don't like to feel "obligated" or the masochistic pressures that come with self denial, I'll most likely take a relaxed cave-woman approach.  Have you ever told this girl she can't have chocolate?  Don't. 
Anyway, Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has some fun Easter plans this weekend.

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