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Jelly Belly

I love this time of year: the warmer weather, colors, and the overall sense of freshness and renewal.


Ahh Spring!

This past weekend was just lovely, filled with lots of candy, church, colorful clothing and family time. I love family time! Evan, Alison, Muscley Arms and I kicked off the festivities Saturday night by coloring Easter eggs. Baby Tanner even helped!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a lovely Easter basket from my mom, filled with candy and a card... the good kind of card! *wink wink*

I decided to make a basket for Muscley Arms, which was no easy task. He recently began the Paleo Diet which basically states, no grain, no dairy, no sugar... What is Easter if not for dairy or sugar?! I had to get creative. I filled his eggs with Pistachios and sunflower seeds, sugar free gum, sugar free life savers {which came in handy when all of us were eating our "real" candy!}, and dark chocolate Easter bunnies from Whole Foods {made with soy and dairy free}. Growing up, we always got fun stuff in our Easter baskets, like a new swimsuit, or silly toy, so I stocked up! Sidewalk calk, bunny blaster guns, and a kite!
Church was just wonderful, we had a great testimony meeting, and my mom even joined us! Everyone looked so beautiful in their pastel and floral dresses, and then men all looked so handsome in their pastel shirts and ties!

After church we headed up to my grandparent's house for dinner. Once we were stuffed, we burned off some calories by having an Easter Egg hunt.


... and then an Easter Egg toss. Lucky for us, we used hard-boiled eggs... and broke every single one!
It was a great weekend.
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