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Status Check

♥  Thanks to everyone who left me a comment the other day.  I was feeling a little low, and needed to vent.  And I apologize, because I hate getting emotional.  HATE IT!  I did make a decision, and decided to take the job.  After some negotiating on my end, my new boss is going to allow me time to go to school; but instead of 14 credits, I'll only be taking 11.  So instead of graduating in May, I'll have to take summer courses next year, and then walk in December.  Wah wah.  I know other jobs come along, but not one like this.  It really is just too good to be true.

♥  I have Pink Eye, AGAIN!  This time, I have no clue how I could have gotten it.  Seriously, what human being contracts Pink Eye twice in 5 months?  I swear I take showers, and wash my hands after using the bathroom.  My Dad told me that I need to stop swimming in cat pee.  His advice was most helpful.

♥ I  organized tried to organize my closet yesterday.  It's official, I need a bigger one.  I have used all the space under my bed, in my dresser, and now in my closet.  My initial plan was to do a small rennovation on my current closet, but now, I think I'll just buy a really big house... With a really big closet.

Hooray!  It's Friday!

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  1. yay for taking the job AND being able to still go to school! and that sucks that you got pink eye again...i've only had it once. when i was a kid. so i consider myself quite lucky.

  2. That's the perfect outcome! Best of both Worlds.

  3. Hey girl! We miss your posts! Hope everything is going great for ya!

  4. Where did you go?? I miss reading your fun updates! How is your new job going? Sorry if I sound like a stalker haha

  5. Morgan.

    We dont know each other, but I read your blog... and you havent updated in like 29823742091 days!




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