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Who Do I Look Like?

Recently my cousins and I had a reunion. The entire weekend I couldn't believe how much my brother, Evan is looking like my dad, and how much my cousin, Brooks looks like his dad! I mean these "cousins" could pass for brothers. When we were younger we found some pictures of my dad when he was young. As a little boy, he and Griffin looked exactly alike, and as a teenager, I swear it's Evan with dark hair. While Colby's personality and mannerisms are completely my dad, his looks, height, build, and coloring are McAllister (mom's side) all the way!

This left me wondering who I look like. I've never thought or been told that I look like either parent. Maybe distant relatives? But I found this gadget on myheritage.com and now I'm excited to know, I am a perfect bled of both of my hottie parents!

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