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Pretending to Text

So tonight at work I went into our wine cellar with our Sommelier Christina and pretended to text on my phone. I was really taking pictures with my camera phone. Of what you ask?
No, no, not of Christina's jugs (...of wine... pervs!) But of this guy...

This guy was wearing a VERY low cut t-shirt, and showing more man-cleavage than even most women dare show. He was semi-muscular, and had a hair-do that must have taken him an hour to perfect between the blow dryer, gel usage, hairspray and flat iron. All of our staff decided he would be a perfect contestant on the next season of VH1's Tool Academy!
Ha ha.
PS Sorry the photo quality is bad, but it was shot with an iPhone, through glass doors, from a ways away (like I said, we were trying to be discrete).

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