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Finally the weekend.

It's Saturday night (well Sunday morning), and you know what that means! Oh, you don't? Well it means my weekend is finally here! What a week it has been! There are a few things I will post about tonight.

1. In the last 48 hours, I have been at work for 27 hours. My whole self is tired, but my wallet is nice and fat. I'm still so thankful that we've been able to stay SOOO busy.

2. I have been running so low on just about every "beauty" product I have. Really, I'm surprised people don't think I'm homeless, it's that bad! So Wednesday I went to Ulta, and I cleaned house!!! They were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on just about everything, so of course I did! I got everything I was out of, plus a bunch of extra stuff for when I run out. BIG SEXY products are all I use and here's what I found:

  • Normal root pump plus costs about $18, however a 2 pack was $22!!!! So I bought 2-2 packs. However all big sexy hair products were B1G1. So I got 4 jumbo Root Pump Plus' for $22! I am a bargin shopper! (I also got 2 hair sprays, and 2 of the new dry shampoos) By the way, the dry shampoo- are you kidding? This stuff is amazing! I used to have to shampoo my hair everyday cause it's oily, but because I bleach it gets SUPER dry. Now I'm only shampooing every 3 days!

  • OPI nail polishes were on sale from $8.00 each to $.099-$4.99 depending on the color. I now own every single "pink or pinkish shade and most red shades!" When I home, I realized I already own California Raspberry, and now bought an extra one, but oh well it's beautiful!!!!

  • Bare minerals (is all I wear I have everything, but lost 2 of my favorite eyeshadows, Queen Phyllis and Queen Tiffany. So I bought those, only to find that my rewards perks were enough to cover both of them!!!

I got a few other things, and again had major savings. It was a great experience haha.

3. Tonight at work I got a text message from my mom that said, "I'm really worried about you, we need to talk when you get home." CRAP, what did I do? not do? I was pretty much in a bad mood trying to figure it out. I set her a text back asking if I was in trouble. She replied:
"Are you kidding me? You're 25 years old. No you're not in trouble, but I'm worried about you just come see me after work."

Are you kidding me? Yes I'm 25, but she's still my mom and I thought I could still get in trouble... Am I wrong? Is there an age limit? I'm pretty sure my mom who is 50 still gets in trouble from my 75 year old grandma...

Anyway, I'm not in trouble, she's been noticing how much sugar I consume on a daily basis (between the Pepsi, Twix, Caramellos, and desserts-I've been dating about twice a week and ALWAYS get desert), and she is just worried about me turning diabetic.... Cute moms!

4. I got mail today!!! I love mail that's not bills! I got 2 Bridal Shower invites (Marie, and Kirsten!) Both in the same week! But of course I will take off work to attend both. Yea! I love "getting married"

5. I also remembered that I haven't put up any pictures from when I was in Washington DC for the inauguration... So I'll do that this weekend. For now, I'm eating dinner (yes at 1:18am- this is my normal schedule), watching a movie and going to bed.


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