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Better late then never

In January I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC for the Presidential Inauguration. While I didn't vote for Obama, I figured it could be a fun "sightseeing" adventure. Seeing as how I've never been farther east than Utah, I think I needed a little culture. I went with my brother Evan, his favorite Mission companion Nathan, and Nate's friend Josh. Things were off to a rocky start (between my being stranded at the DC airport for nearly 12 hours alone and Evan's flight having an emergency landing due to a broken engine), but by 3am on our first day there, things got better.

We stayed with Nathan's sister and husband but weren't "home" much. Day 1 consisted of sleeping in, then down to Federal Triangle for some museum sight seeing. Day 2 involved the Holocaust museum and monuments. And day 3 of course was the inauguration.

We had a great time, but nearly froze to death doing it! Being from Las Vegas, I am not often subjected to 11 degree weather!!! I actually had to leave "the Mall" after Aretha Franklin sang (just before Obama spoke) because I literally thought I'd die of the cold! I was as bundled as could be, and had hand and feet warmers, but it wasn't enough.

All in all it was a fun time, and I'm glad to be able to say "I was there".

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