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I'm currently annoyed. I got in trouble at work tonight because I had a woman send back a $30 dish because she didn't tell me she had a garlic allergy. She clearly didn't read the menu either because in big letters "Garlic" is listed as one of the ingredients. Who goes to an Italian restaurant with a garlic allergy anyway? We literally have 1 item that doesn't have garlic in it. Also I love that I scheduled next week off for a cruise and I'm not put back on the schedule until the 2nd week of June. I only wanted 1 week vacation not 3. Are you kidding me? This isn't brain surgery. Because I'm currently annoyed, I farted around on Photoshop with this super cute baby. I can't decide if I like #2, #3 or the #5 black & white best. hmm.
Anyway I'm off to read my new Glamour in a hot bubble bath.

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