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On New Year's Eve, I went down to Town Square.  It's a somewhat new, outdoor mall just off the Las Vegas strip.  I went for the first time last week (yea, I know, what was the hold up), and I was SO impressed because all of my stores are located in one place!  Gone are the days of visiting 2+ malls to hit every spot!

One of the best things about Town Square is that there is a free standing Sephora and a MAC Pro store right next to each other!  For most people this isnt' a big deal, but for us Las Vegans, visiting one of these stores usually requires Valet Parking, and wandering through a casino to get to one. 

Anyway, New Year's Eve was my first physical trip to a MAC store!  Normally, I purchase MAC online because I can see the total purchase price as I add things to my cart.  Not only does shopping make me feel anxious and overwhelmed, but I'm afraid that in the MAC store, I would go nuts, taking my treasures to the register, have them rung up, and then I would pee my pants or faint & scream when I told the total price...

This trip, I wasn't just buying eyeshadow or lipstick, I was buying face stuff, so I had to go to a store and get color matched.  It was a MADHOUSE!  It didn't even occur to me that women would be flocking in by the dozen to get their makeup done for the New Year's festivities!  Luckily, I was able to get everything on my list... Yes, I had a list, and the MAC girl was very grateful, because, "most girls come in here and just wander around wasting my time."  Hmm, glad I could help you out.

She then had to leave to put makeup on a client, so an older guy finished helping me out.  May I just say, I hate sales people that don't listen.  I'm on of those people who, when I want something, I want it, end of discussion.  I went in to buy MAC Red lipstick.  I know MAC sells tons of red lipsticks, but I've done my homework, and Red is the one I decided on.  It's a bluish toned red  (lipsticks with blue undertones make teeth look whiter, unlike warmer, orange undertones, which make me look ghostly white, and my teeth look like those of a smoker) and looks dressy, but can be worn everyday. 

From the start the man kept trying to talk me into buying other red lipsticks. "Well I really like Viva Glam I..."  To which I replied, "Yes, it is pretty.  However, for me, it is to 'vampy' to be an everyday red; I'll just take Red." 

He then tried telling me about Ruby Woo (which was too Pink), Russian Red (close, but I didn't want a matte finish), Viva Glam Cindi (too sheer, and I have it), and then the new Pro Long Wear lipcream in Prolong (too cherry pink/red). 

He was obsessed with this color, and couldn't stop talking about all the makeup artists there just loved wearing it.  I coudn't figure out if they were given a higher commission for selling Pro Long Wear colors, or if they were sold out of Red, or if he just wasn't listening.  Finally, he told me to try it on, so I did, and I thought it was a nice color, but it just wasn't what I had come to buy.  "I'll just take Red, thanks."  On and on he went about "Pro Long Wear, wonderful, looks great in photos, pin-up girls."  So I took matters into my own hands, I swatched every single red lipstick shade on the back of my hand, walked over to BF and asked him which one was his favorite.  He picked MAC Red!  "Well, that does it," I said, "MAC Red it is!"  Mr. Salesman then proceeded to tell BF all about Pro Long Wear... BF was so annoyed he said, "OK, she'll take it."

Must get better at taking swatch photos...

I stood there, dumbfounded.  I don't want it, I want Red!  I bought it... defeated, but determined to just return it later this week.

Mac Prolong

Ugh.  I hate sales people.

(In case you've never been, MAC keeps all of their makeup locked up in drawyers/cabinets.  They have samples of everything out, so that people can swatch them, but if you want to buy, you have to have a salesperson get it for you.)

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  1. Haha! I just want to star of by saying that I might be generalizing here but I have NEVER had a good experience at a MAC pro store, especially back in California. They acted like I was an inconvenience and that I was out of line for asking for products. It was really ridiculous because I really love some of their products but those stores are so intimidating. I have had a decent experience up in Denver but I usually just go in knowing exactly what I want. UGH! I hop you get the RED you wanted!!!

  2. Well you know I have a lot to say about this! LOL I agree, MAC Red is pretty gorgeous. My personal favorite reds are Ruby Woo and Russian Red. The samples are always super dry and faded though, so don't judge them by the testers that are out! Both colors are actually super creamy and gorgeous in a closed tube of lipstick. A couple comments:

    1) Town Center's MAC is NOT a pro store. It's just a free standing store. They do not sell the glitters, certain pigments, chromacakes, body painting, as well as tools and special lashes that Pro stores do. The only Pro store in Vegas is the one in the Forum Shops. I know how much you love makeup, so if you really wanna have fun, head down there.

    2) MAC employees do not recieve a commission, unless they work at Nordstrom counters. But the company does do annoying "contests" for their artists which encourage them to sell a certain product and whoever sells the most will "win a prize" etc.

    3) The pushy artist who was trying to convince you to buy Viva Glam or whatever sounds familiar. Was his name Michael? (he looks borderline-molester with creepy big oogly eyes) If so, he is a nightmare, and I can attest to that from working with him at Mac Pro years ago.

    4)Ummm the other artist should have never shared with you that other customers just "waste her time." That is so inappropriate and unprofessional. Ew, I hate people like that. Im sorry you had such a bad experience!

  3. Christina, you cracked me up! I really did like Russian Red, and was THIS close to buying it, I think I might go back and get it anyway! Good to know about the Pro store!!! I am so excited to go play. HIS NAME WAS MICHAEL!!! Oh my gosh your description is too funny, I'm still laughing about the molester-oogly-eyes thing. It wasn't a great experience, but it's not enough to keep me away, I've been back twice since then!

  4. OMG I am dying of laughter! He is OBSESSED with those silly contests. That man would sell crack cocaine to a nun if he could. Next time I am in town I will let you know so we can go play at Mac Pro together :)


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