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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | January 7, 2011

1. Mood: 2. Fragrance: Coach Poppy.  I love love love this fragrance, but I feel like it wears off really quickly.  I just put it on around 8am and now, at 10am I can't even smell it...

3. Outfit/Eyes/Lips/Face/Nails:
Outfit: Skinny jeans, white button down collard shirt, cream knit sweater, skinny jeans and jeweled flats.  I've been drawing outfit inspiration from The Frugal Fashionista lately, and this outfit was a look Sienna Miller was wearing.

Eyes:  Two Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Brule/Blanc Type mixed, MAC Gleam, MAC Era, MAC Shroom.  I wanted a really natural slightly shimmery eye today.  It's Friday, and I didn't want to spend forever getting ready.

Lips: Bare Essentials Lip Gloss in Strawberry

Face:  Nars Sheer Mate Foundation, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Bobbi Brown corrector, MAC Chez Chez Lame highlighter, MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle

 Nails:  They are naked!  I've been too lazy to paint them so they just have a clear strengthener on them.

4. One thing you'd like to learn in 2011?  I want to become fluent in Spanish.  I've been learning for a few years now, and I've gotten all the words down, I can read, and write, and understand when people speak slowly, but I can't form a sentence in conversation to save my life!  One of my co-workers gave me the Spanish Rosetta Stone, so hopefully that will help!

5. Have you ever actually stuck to a New Year's Resolution? I've never made a New Year's Resolution before... until this year.  So far, so good... we'll see how it goes!

6. Lovin’: I recently signed up at a dance studio.  I miss dancing like crazy, so I figured it was time to get back into it.  Ballet, jazz and hip-hop here I come!  (I found an amazing deal on Groupon.  If you're not a Groupon.com member, sign up now!  It's free and the savings are incredible.)

7. Stressin’: Back to school is sneaking up on me quick, I've got to get textbooks, supplies, parking pass, time off of work, etc.  *le sigh*

8. Purse:  My new black purse I got for Christmas.  Not sure what brand, I just ask for BIG funky purses every year, and my mom always finds GREAT ones at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  It's big black leather, with some silver studs on it (very Harley Davidson) and it has silk cheetah lining. 

9. What's for lunch today?  I'm thinking a smoothie.  I ate a humongous breakfast (it's usually my largest meal of the day) so I'm not usually terribly hungry at lunchtime.  PLUS there's a flavor at Tropical Smoothie I want to try:  the Signature Breakfast smoothie.  It has Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, yogurt, ground flax seed and whole grain oats... I've never had grains or oats in a smoothie, so I'm curious...

10. Goals for the weekend:  Catch up on sleep, and watch some movies whilst cuddled up in my Snuggie with a big cup of hot chocolate.  I have decided that I am completely over winter, and I need summer.  These are my ideal weekend plans, but I might-most-likely have to work this weekend, lets all keep our fingers crossed that I won't! 

Your Turn
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1. Mood:
2. Fragrance:
3. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks/Nails:
4. One thing you'd like to learn in 2011?
5. Have you ever actually stuck to a New Year's Resolution?
6. Lovin’:
7. Stressin’:
8. Purse:
9. What's for lunch today?
10. Goals for the week:

"Another year over, and a new one's just begun "  Hey hey all!  Did everyone have a good first-week-of-the-New-Year?!  I did!  I was crazy busy with work, but made it a point to balance the busy with some much needed playtime.   Did anyone make any resolutions this year?  How is that going?  They say the first week is the hardest... don't they?  Well if they don't, I'm going to.  (*ahem*) "The first week is the hardest when it comes to New Year's Resolutions, keep it up, you can do it!"   Have a wonderful weekend!
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