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Things I ♥ right this minute

1.  The song on the Sketchers Shape-Ups commercials.  "Shake it up, make me feel good, make me feel goood.  Show me that wicked attitude."  It is so catchy and makes me want to get up and shake my butt. 
2.  New Idol Judge, Steven Tyler.  This guy is AWESOME, who knew he was so inappropriately funny?

3.  El Pollo Loco.  I have eaten their chicken & black beans for lunch every.single.day. this week.

4.  Awesome readers of this blog.  It still freaks-me-out-in-a-good-way that not only do people care about reading this little bloggy-blog, but that we have become friends, and they care about me!  Oh, if you read and didn't already know... We are friends.  OK?  OK.

5.  eBay.  Holy smokes there is some awesome stuff on here...  and it super duper cheap!

6. Cup of Noodles.  Look, other than dairy, basically all of the vital nutritional groups are covered in one cup; so if I want to eat 4 in one day... I'm going to.

7.  The shirt I'm wearing today.  It is hot pink & white striped.  The fact that it makes me look taller, thinner, and makes my boobs look bigger was well worth being called "Waldo" at work all day!  {PS I didn't mind, I started to play along by hiding behind office furniture, posed with a smile and wave!}

Happy Friday!

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