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Beauty Favorites of 2010

These are my favorite beauty products of 2010.  Not all beauty categories have been represented, but like any good awards show, I have a limit on how much time I can spend talking about each item.  I have really tried to only choose one product from each major category, so as to avoid having the orchestra force me off stage.  What did you love in 2010?

Primer: I still haven't found a good primer.  I have combo-oily-but-mostly-oily skin, and the ones I've tried (Smashbox-3 different formulas; Rimmel, Bare Minerals, MAC Prep & Prime) seem to melt off by lunch time.  Any suggestions?

FoundationNars Sheer Matte .  I tried the Sheer Glow formula, and while it looked lovely at first, after an hour or so, it felt like I had put butter all over my face... basically it was super greasy.  The Matte formula is AMAZING, seriously, it's a my-skin-but-better-and-more-dewy-and-radiant kind of amazing.

Concealer:  Again, I haven't found one, and I need to quick.  I'm tired of people seeing my under eye circles and thinking I'm a member of an after hours fight club...  The first rule of fight club... I'm looking for one that will hide black under eye circles.  I know most people find a good concealer for their, say, "red" or "blue" or "purplish" rings, but mine need coverage for like black... yes, they're that bad.  Also, it has to be moisturizing, meaning, if it leaves my under eyes looking dry/cakey, I'm over it.

PowderMac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural .  I used to wear Bare Minerals, and while my skin looked really pretty, the OG formula was too drying in winter, and it sweat off in the summer.  I've been working with the MSF for a while and it's gorgeous...  Seriously, it's like the powdery-super-fast-and-easy-to-apply version of Nars Sheer Matte.  I feel like it sets my makeup for a flawless look, and when worn alone, it covers all my Rudolph-the-red-nosed issues, as well as blemishes, but I can still see my skin through it.  Awesome!

Bronzer:  I have to admit, I'm a bronzer failure.  Normally I'm pretty tan, so it doesn't really show up when I use it, however lately I've been super pale; I'm talking pasty-white-British-skin-pale.  The other day I tried some, and it was the lightest color of bronzer I own.  I went into MAC and the girl was skin matching me for a foundation.  She said, "well what color is your skin normally, because your face is a lot darker than your neck... I mean, it's A LOT darker."  Epic fail.  Anyway, when I do use a bronzer, it's usually Bare Minerals Faux Tan or Warmth.

Blush:  Can this be a tie?  I love blushes, so so much, but I'm going to narrow it down to two.  MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty , and Nars Blush in Oasis .  Dainty is a soft pink with gold shimmer in it.  It gives me a gorgeous-OMG-he-just-winked-at-me-natural-flush.  Oasis is a nice neutral, pink champagne color.  On days when I don't want to wear a lot of make up it gives me just the right amount of color to keep from looking dead.  Also, my mom "borrows" this one almost daily.

Eyeshadow BaseToo Faced Shadow Insurance .  I like it because it has just enough pigment to get rid of the redness on my eyelids.

EyeshadowUrban Decay's Naked Palette .  I know this has been sold out like FOREVER, but they did make more, and are keeping it permanent so everyone will get one.  I bought mine back in May, the day it came out, and have used this palette almost everyday since.  It's wonderful.  I really should get myself another one, because the shadows in mine are almost at pan!

MascaraL'oreal Hip Mascara .  I never hear anyone talk about this mascara, and it's amazing!  It's a thick  formula so it goes on smoothly, and after one coat, I'm could technically be done.  It's so richly black that people have often asked if I'm wearing false lashes.  I should mention how much better it is than any Cover Girl or Maybelline mascara at getting the job done.  There is one Maybelline mascara I like, but Hip blows it out of the water. 
EyelinerUrban Decay 24/7 Pencils  !  I wear them almost everyday.  And since I got the 15th Anniversary pack, I'm Practically in Heaven.  Did I mention the colors???  These babies come in almost any color my little heart could desire!  They are super pigmented, creamy and they last all day, and sometimes they last even after I take my makeup off. 

Lipstick:  This year I began branching out into higher end lipsticks, and I know I'm still a newbie, but I have to admit, MAC lipsticks  are thus far my favorite.  They are have great color payoff, and just a little bit of a shine to them.  They are really moisturizing, plus, they come in a plethora of colors!  Mis favoritos coloras? Twig and Captive!

Lipgloss: MAC Dazzleglass Cremes  .  Remember my baby, Radiant Jewels?  Since I found it, I've purchased every Dazzleglass Creme I can find.  I LOVE THEM... they're so creamy, and sparkly, and they have a nice taste/smell too!
Fragrance:  Oh where to begin?  I don't think I can choose just one...  My go to scent is Ralph Lauren Romance.  But I used a different scent almost every season this year... Spring: Vera Wang Princess Summer: SJP NYC; Fall/Winter: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy.  My overall favorite, is a little unfair.  I just got it for Christmas, but I LOVE IT!  It's Coach Poppy  , and it's delightful.

Nail Polish:  I have three favorite nail polishes.  The first is OPI's California Raspberry  , this has been a favorite for years.  The second is from Essie, and is called Angora Cardi  .  The third is OPI's Diva of Geneva  .

And the ULTIMATE GRAND SUPREME (I've been watching too much Toddler's in Tiaras) beauty product of 2010 is....

Benefit's Eye Bright Pencil  !   Although, I use this all over my face, this little miracle does wonders for my under-eye circles.  It literally is like coffee-on-a-stick.  Eye Bright is a brightening pencil with a pop of pink that instantly wakes up even the tired-est (is that a word?) of eyes.  After I've applied all of my makeup I usually just pop it on my waterline, the inner corners of my eyes, and under my eyes, where my circles are their darkest.  However, I have even put it on the outer corners of my eyes, down my nose, under my eyebrows, just outside of my nostrils, and above the Cupid's bow on my lips.  SEE, it really is the most amazing little thing ever.
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  1. I love Arbonne's primer. Try it and let me know what you think! https://www.arbonne.com/shop_online/showitem.asp?ProductId=7825&menuId=255&withLinks=1

  2. Para your concealer: it sounds like you need some coral color corrector to counteract the "black" in your skin. I use a coral pigment on my clients of Indian descent to cover their deep dark circles, then I apply a regular concealer over it. Try Virgin Isle Cream Color Base from MAC or the Coral Paintstick from MAC Pro, then try MAC Select Cover Up in NW20 or NW25

  3. I use the Bobbi brown corrector in peach, and it helps, it's just not great. I'll have to get one of these, or maybe if I get a tan, that would help. haha.

  4. Taylor- I haven't heard of that one, but I'll have to pick it up. I heard that the Sue Devitt one was awesome for us "greasy" faced girls, so it's next on my list!


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