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8 Things... Tag, now you're it.

1) Most worn lipstick/ lipgloss: Lipstick:  Maybelline "Born With It"  Lipgloss: NYX Goddess Lipgloss in Beige.

2) Most worn earrings: These silver ones from Target... BF bought me new earrings so that I "wouldn't have to wear these all the time."  Little does he know, I have at least 30 pairs of earrings.  I just choose to wear these everyday.

3) Most worn shirt: Lately I've been wearing my American Eagle gray hoodie over everything!  Seriously you can see it here and here and here.  It's so comfy, and I love gray.

4) Most worn nail polish:  OPI's California Raspberry; if I'm not wearing fake nails.  Currently, however,  I have on China Glaze's Turned Up Turqouise... It's a little loud but I wanted to try something that's "not pink."

5) Most worn shoes: Without a doubt my brown Reef Flip Flops.  I wear them rain or shine, summer or winter.   But lately I've been wearing my LEI Boots from Walmart... So cute and only $12.00.

6) Most worn hair product: Oh there are so many.  Recently there was a poll on a blog I follow about how many beauty products you use everyday... My answer was 8 but that is just the number of different crap I put in my hair.  The winner is Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder, because I use it numerous times a day.  I love it.

7) Most worn perfume: Definatly Ralph Lauren Romance, but since Christmas Vera Wang Princess is a close second.

8) Most worn handbag/ purse: We've been over this... my brown one...

How about you?  What are your "8 Most Worn?"

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