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What's in my bag ^

We love them. We crave them. We wait list ourselves for them. Every girl carries them. Every guy fears its contents.

I’m talking about the PURSE {insert deep rumbling echoes here}

Do you ever wonder what other girls carry in their purses??? I sure do. I especially wonder what girls carry {or don’t carry for that matter} when they are toting those tiny little bags… How on earth do they survive with so little?!?! I refer to my purse as My Marry Poppin's Bag. It has everything in it. So I decided to show everyone what’s inside!

My purse is just a purse... Every year I ask my mom for a "Big funky brown purse" for Christmas, and she always finds cute ones. This year, since my brown one is still in great shape, I asked for this one in black!!!

Anyway without further ado... My Purse

Click photo to see what is inside

Those are the things that randomly float around my bag...

Did you notice the two pockets on the front? Here's what's inside of those... Again, click the photos to see what's inside.

That's not all folks. Let me just say that I'm a kind of an organization freak. When things aren't labeled, compartmentalized or color coded I have minor panic attacks. So, I also keep smaller bags inside my purse. They all have a different design so that when I need something, I know exactly where it is. Click each bag to see its contents...

My purse also has some "storage space" on the inside. There is a zipper pocket and then two open pockets.

Click photo to see what's these pockets

I know I know I know... I carry A LOT of stuff everyday! We don't have a scale, so I have no clue how much it weights, but I really do use everything in it almost every day. I don't even notice the weight anymore unless I go to the salon.

Whenever Sara conditions my hair she gives me THE BEST head and neck massages... I mean, they're amazing. Sometimes I wish I could call her and just schedule a head and neck massage... Anyway, she always comments during my massage, "You carry your purse on your left shoulder, huh?" She can tell because the muscles on my right side are always tense from compensating for the weight... Funny.

Anyway that's what's in in my bag. Ladies I hope you liked it, and men I hope you are a little less frightened of your ladies' purses. I think everyone who reads this post should do one just like it, and then leave me a comment telling me to read your post so that I can snoop too.

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