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Holiday Kickoff!!!

Better late than never... Just a few pics from the Thanksgiving-Birthday Weekend celebrations!

We spent Thanksgiving at my aunt's new house in St. George.  We had so much delicious food and as usual I ate way too much.  Then Grandpa {the OG photographer} decided we needed a family picture.  All the ladies were upset because their hair was flat and their makeup gone after cooking all day.  And the boys were upset because they had to be torn away from football... However we managed to get everyone together.  I put my remote on Grandpa's camera, and this is what we managed to get...

We're trying again at Christmas.

Friday night we celebrated our {Evan, Me, and Colby= Triplets} 25+1 Birthday.  First, we opened presents, and I got some really cute stuff!  Make up, boots, OPI polishes, and a few dresses from Shabby Apple!  Then the boys decided on dinner at Olive Garden.  I hate that place, but being a triplet, I lost by a majority vote... Lame.  I actually enjoyed what I ordered, Chicken Manacotti {I guess it's new}.  Afterwards we decided to go see 2012.  Then we came home for cake.  This year was the first year my mom didn't make 3 seperate birthday cakes!  We all decided that no one eats it and rather than throwing away all of that food/money, we'd be ok with sharing.  We still blew out our candles seperately and each got our own Happy Birthday song.  All in all it was a little low key, but I was fine with that, because I was not happy about turning 25+1.

When did I become so short?

We always have to make "good" faces for mom's pictures

Brothers were jealous they didn't get birthday girl crowns

Ev & Morg

Griff and Colb (they almost look like twins!)

Colb and Mom

This was good but really tense!

"Happy Birthday to Morg"

Saturday my Grandparents and Uncle Steve {in town from Prague} took us out.  We went to a family favorite, Outback Steakhouse, and then went to see A Christmas Carol in 3D.  This movie was a little scary, I can't imagine little kids liking it... 

Morg, Steve and Colby

Colby, Grandpa, Evan

Grandma, Griff, Mom, Me

In our AWESOME 3D glasses

Monday, BF was able to take me out since the Holiday weekend left free time scarce.  I wasn't expecting to do much because he already got me a birthday present in October.  I have had the original iPhone for over a year, and I hated it!  Everytime I used it I got a sudden urge to scream and throw it out the window!  BF decided he'd heard enough complaining and was tired of dropped phone calls, so he bought me be the new 3GS, with a hot pink cover!!!  I tell him everyday how much I love it.  plus it's SO cute because it's pink!

When he came over Monday afternoon, he showed up at my house with a present...  I was a little upset, because I told him he had already spent too much money... "Too bad, you have to have something to open on your Birthday."  So I opened it.  It was probably the best gift he could have given me... Man this kid knows me well!

6 Giant Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

So, because my phone was a little pricey and he got me the strawberries, I told him we could go to dinner as long as I could pay for half of the bill.  He did not agree, and we went anyway.  We went to a little Tapas restaurant {my new favorite thing} called Fireflys.  It was so good.  We ordered a few things: Artichoke toast, lamb skewers, BF ordered Tuna Carpachio {Gross, I did not eat any of that}, and then I got some Banana Nutella pastry thing for dessert.  It was amazing and I've been craving it ever since.  Plus it was super affordable ($7-8 per dish)!

We left the restaurant and as I pointed out to BF that he was driving the wrong direction from my house, he informed me that my night was not over... We went to the Luxor, and he took me to see Carrot Top.  I've seen him once before, and I love him!  He is so funny and BF got us FRONT ROW CENTER SEATS.  It was awesome.  Afterwards we got to go backstage and hang out with "Scott" for a while, apparently his mom and BF's mom are old friends so they'd met a few times.

I had a really great Birthday Weekend and am so grateful for the time I got to spend with those I'm closest too.  I was not happy about "my second 25th" birthday, but I think it turned out really well!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Just a few things. Carrot Top looks like a serial killer!!! I was also wondering why Grandpa is hidding in the dead bush....???

  2. Kendra-
    1. He does look scary! He makes a few cracks about all his plastic surgery in his show, but he is THE nicest person I've met in a while. Very sweet guy!
    2. I have no idea, he made a big fuss when my grandma was behind it saying "the camera can't see you." I think he just wanted to steal her spot!


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