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Dear Glamour Magazine,

I need to speak with your "complaint department." {Remember the Complaint Department skit from All That?}.  For my birthday, I asked for my subscription to your magazine to be renewed. I figured it was an inexpensive gift that I would appreciate for a whole year.  My previous subscription expired in September, and for the last two months I've paid newsstand prices.  At almost $4 per magazine, I figured three magazines would pay for a year's subscription... so I put it on my list.   My Birthday was at the end of November...

I was very excited when I went to the mailbox Friday to find my very first issue of Glamour.  Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was the November issue!  {Hold up} Aren't subscribers supposed to get their magazines a few weeks in advance?  Why am I receiving the November issue on December 6?  This is no good to me now, the beauty tips and fashion advice are no longer in style.  Besides, I already have this magainze because I bought it from a newsstand on November 1st!  I really hope this is not counting as one of my 12 issues, or we are going to have a serious issue...

I almost started to feel better when I went to my mailbox today and received the December issue.  Granted it is about 3 weeks late, I was glad to have something with the correct month on it.  Are you aware this magazine is the EXACT same magazine as my November labeled issue?  The only difference is that the cover has Mrs. Obama on it, and she is the centerfold story... Otherwise, all magazine content is exactly the same!!!

Are you kidding me?  Was there a freak accident at your printing press?  I can't imagine I am THE ONLY subscriber who this happened to, or who cares enough to notice, but I hope, for your sake I am!  THIS had certainly better not count as one of my 12 subscription issues or we are really going to have a problem.  I look forward to my year long subscription with your magazine, and expect to see a new, original January issue sometime this week. 

Thank you,
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