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Give Away update!

They did it!  I was sent an extra item in my Eyes Lips Face Studio order...
This is really similar to Nars Blusher/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm & Lugana ($37.00 at Sephora). (Apparently Orgasm is the most-popular-have-to-have blush on the planet.)
Yes, I could keep it (& I'm very tempted to). 
Yes I could sell it.  
But I'm feeling generous, given the Holidays.

So, if you want it, GO HERE and leave a comment and follow the blog!  There will now be 5 seperate drawings on Saturday 12/19.
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  1. so...if only 4 people leave comments, does that mean EVERYONE gets something??? ha ha thanks for getting me into this :) such good stuff for so little! oh and p.s. i still can't get over how much you carry around in your purse! I have a big bag, but it's all disorganized, I can never find anything in it. And i definitely don't have as much as you do...but I figure if I had seperate little bags, i'm sure I would. most of the stuff in there is old junk, reciepts, etc. anyway


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