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The E.L.F.'s Came Early!

Recently I discovered the most amazing makeup line. Every beauty blog I follow has really positive things to say about it. The best part is EVERYTHING ONLY COSTS $1.00!!! I’m not kidding, $1.00. Well that statement isn’t entirely true.  EyesLipsFace.com has four makeup lines, their regular line, a Mineral line, a Studio line and a Sugar Kiss line (for tweens). Everything in the Mineral and Studio lines costs $3.00 not $1.00  and in the Sugar Kiss line most things are $1.00 but there are two products in the package.

The second best thing about this company is that they have sales all the time! I signed up for their newsletter and I get a different coupon code almost daily. These coupons aren’t your typical “free shipping” or “20% off.” About two days after I registered I received a coupon code for B1G1 on all tools and lashes, and the next day I got another one for 70% off the entire Mineral line!!!! Since I wear Bear Minerals make up, I skipped the foundations and powders and just went for color stuff… I ordered just about everything.

5 Blushes

11 Lipies (Technically I ordered 14*)

3 Lipliners and 2 Eyeliners

6 Lip Glosses (Technically I ordered 7*)

12 Makeup Brushes

20 Eyeshadows

Some lashes, Shine Erasers and an Eyelash Curler

And here is one of my receipts.  It is for the Eyeshadows, Blushes, Glosses, Eye and Lip Liners, and 5 of the lipsticks (I can't find the one for the extras, or the other lipsticks which were seperate orders (see reason below) however both those receipts together cost me around $9 plus the $6.95 shipping.

I LOVE THIS! I got everything shown above for just over $50.00!

You’re probably wondering what’s the catch, right? Well so far I have found a few problems…

  1. Each customer can only use a coupon once and usually the coupons have a spending cap. For example the mineral coupon only allowed me to get the 70% off up to $100 (before the discount). Since my order went over, don’t tell but I opened a second account with a different e-mail address. Then I ordered the rest of the stuff so I could still get the coupon prices.

  2. I watched a bunch of reviews for these products on You Tube to make sure they were good quality and one thing everyone raved about was how quickly they got their orders. I was not so lucky! On the website they ask for 3-7 days to “Process” the order and then 5-7 days to “Ship.” Everyone on You Tube received their orders within 3 days… I ordered my stuff on 11/27and got them today… So it’s been 13 days…

  3. Also my order was slightly messed up. There were 4 products I ordered (1 lip-gloss and 3 lipsticks) and didn’t receive. They are listed on my order confirmation, but ELF sent me different, duplicate products.  Luckily the error is listed wrong on the packing sheet.  I called them about the error and they are going to send me the correct items at no cost to me.

So this is where the Give Away comes in. Because of the nature of make-up products most places don’t let you return something once bought. So, I have 3 lipsticks and one blush to give away!!!

The blush is in Rose and is the second to last one in the picture above and it is on the left in the swatch below.  It looks bright orange in the jar but comes off really pretty.  It's perfect for a pinky winter glow against pale winter skin.  I also have 2 lipsticks in Royal Red.  It is the second to last lipstick in the picture and top right below.  It is photographing really brown to me, but it's actually a pretty wine red, it will be great for Christmas parties...  Lastly is the Barely Bitten Lipstick.  It is 4th in the picture above and bottom right in the swatch below.  This lipstick has an appropriate name for Twilight fans. :o) I will wear often because it's a nice pinky pink with some shimmer.

Please excuse the deformed looking hand.

Here’s how the Give Away will work. If you want something first, you must be a follower of my blog. That means, when I open my dashboard, your name should be there showing you follow me.  Secondly leave a comment in this post (include your e-mail address)! I am giving away each item separately, so I will be doing 4 different drawings from Randomizer.org. If you only want one of the items, specify that in your comment and you're name will only be in the drawing for that item.  But, if you don’t care what you get just leave a comment and I’ll enter you all 4 times. If you're the only one to enter (which is how my give aways seem to go), then you get everything!  I will draw on December 19 and notify the winners on a blog post and by e-mail.

Just after I made this ELF order, I received a coupon for 75% off the entire Studio line, so I ordered everything from that line too… I’m leaving this contest up for just over a week because hopefully my Studio line will be here by then.  That way if I get any duplicates in the Studio order, I can give those away too.

What a great way to start the holidays!!!


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  1. I'm a sucker for giveaways, and you know I love make-up :D so any product is good. it's funny because I started getting emails from this company and I just assumed it was spam and never opened it. Now i'm a little intrigued...

  2. Love your blog! I started following a few days ago.

    I would love to try to get the royal red lipstick!
    My e-mail is clarivers@gmail.com.

    Also, I must say I was very impressed my your self-portraits. They turned out awesome! (i know it's been awhile but I had to go through and read your past posts).

  3. Anonymous12/11/2009

    I love your blog! It is so girly and prettyyy! :D

    I get my makeup from E.L.F and they seem to mess up my orders a lot. But it has never taken 13 days. Maybe a maximum of 6 days at the very most.

    Victoria Kathleen

  4. I am a high school dance team coach and I have used ELF for the last few years. My girls love the colors and the amount of product you get for such a low price.

  5. This is the first time I've seen I can comment! I don't even care if this giveaway is over I'm just glad to be able to say HI! Oh- and you are simply stunning. Teach me?


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