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+ Christmas Bokeh +

So I was a little bored last night and not in a very Christmas-y mood.  I decided to take some Christmas Bokeh's.  This was my frist time practicing with bokeh indoors so I had a very difficult time with exposure, my house stinks for photos.  I am going to take some others where I have more room to maneuver and better lighting.  I have  a 50mm lens and I have to be pretty far away to get everything in the frame.  Oh well.

This is our tree.  It's fake, and skinny.  While this isn't the best bokeh, I'm glad I got it.  Something happened with our lights and they all went out, except the star!  I bet just one tiny bulb died and ruined it for everyone!  I guess I'm going to have to spend the rest of the week at my grandparent's house and enjoy their tree!

This is the little 4' tree in our entry way.  Normally we have a beautiful, huge, burgendy, gold, cream and mauve decorated tree; but no one felt like setting it up this year.  We put up this one in it's place because it came lit, and all we had to do was fluff the branches.   I love the way white lights show up on bokeh!  They are blinking lights so it was tough to get a shot when most of them were lit.  I wish I could get the exposure to show the tree and ornaments in focus but the lights blurry.... Hmm.  I'm going to practice practice practice.

Our mantle.  You can't see the last stocking because the monstrous TV is blocking it.  Lame.

Anyway if you're interested in trying bokeh, here's how. Amanda posted some great pics with a fool proof how-to! I love the #2 where she used the bokeh with a fisheye lens. Awesome!

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