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Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's house every year.  This year we were low on numbers as we were missing some family members.  Dad is in Germany, and my Aunt, Uncle and their kids stayed in St. George.

Every year the Elves come to give us little teaser gifts.  It is usually sometime after dinner and before we settle to watch A Christmas Carol (the one with George C. Scott, it's the only one worth seeing).  There is always an obnoxiously loud knock at the door (although we never know which door) and when we open it, the elves won't be there, having zipped off back to Santa's sleigh.  These little teaser-gifts are usually something small; house slippers, flashlights, manicure kits, hats, etc.  But this year, the Elves left us "big kids" with a little extra something ($100.00 taped to the back)!

Mom was very adament this year about reminding us that Santa stops bringing kids gifts once they hit 25, seeing as how us triplets turned 26 this year, this was the first year we would have to do without.  We got lucky though, because Uncle Steve stepped in as Santa and gave us the complete Rock Band set!  Take that Santa!

Every year my mom buys us matching Christmas jammies!  We always get to open them on Christmas Eve so we can sleep in them that night.  This year we got Brown & Navy blue plaid bottoms, the boys got blue t-shirts and the girls got brown!

Christmas Day

Because we didn't have "the whole family" this year, we all got to sleep in until 8:00!  We opened our "Santa" presents and then the rest of our gifts before Melanie, Wes and the kids made the drive from St. George.  In our family we don't have a "free-for-all" gift opening session.  We open one-present-at-a-time, from youngest to oldest; that way everyone can see what everyone else got.  It takes forever but helps fill up the day.  I miss having little kids around.  They would get distracted and want to play with the presents they've opened, but then get yelled at when we were ready to start another round, "Get in here and open another present!!!"  Hillarious.  We finished about 2:00 pm, just as the family arrived.

Later in the evening I went to BF's house to exchange our gifts.  His family was having a huge Christmas party, and the chaos was a nice change of pace from our relaxing evening.

This year I got BF some new cologne.  Hugo Boss is his favorite and he was out.  He also wanted some "face pampering stuff" so I got the gift set that included some aftershave.  I also got him a new pair of snowboard boots.  They have a coil lace system so all he has to do is twist a knob to tighten his laces; and push a button to loosen them.  I am really jealous, my boots take forever to tie up!  I usually get frustrated and he ties them for me.  I guess with his new boots, now he only has to worry about tying one pair!

BF went with the always reliable and got me another one of these!!!  I love my necklace to go with my ring and bracelet from last year!

Last year I got everything I asked for, this year, not so much.  My Christmas List this year was filled with a broad range of inexpensive gift ideas.  No one stuck to it.  Just like every other year, I had a ton of returns/exchanges, I literally returned everything, except for the new snowboard clothes.  I didn't mind though, it was nice to be out in the crowds and I was able to buy everything on my list with the money from the returns!!! 

I really enjoyed spending time with my family, especially my uncle who was able to fly in from Prague.  I hope everyone had as wonderful of a holiday as I did!

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