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Lately, on TV and on the radio,
I've been hearing people pronounce this word "Poin-set-ee-ah"... 
Since when did this begin? 
I've always said/heard Point-setta. 

Come to think of it
I've never actually noticed the spelling,
so maybe I am saying it wrong...
I find the alternative pronounciation annoying.
So I am going to continue to say "point-setta."

According to Mark & Mercedes,
"it turns out there ISN'T a correct pronunciation . . . not really.

The word itself comes from the name of the guy who introduced the plant to the U.S. in 1825, Joel Poinsett. But the rest of the word . . . meaning the "ia" part . . . is a mystery.

So if you look up the pronunciation at online dictionaries, they give you both "poin-set-ee-ah" and "poin-set-ah."

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