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200th Blog Post & Give Away!

Hooray for my 200th Blog Post!

Well my 200th published post anyway. 

In my postings menu I actually have a ton of "Drafts" saved.  Sometimes I can write 2-3 blog posts a day, and other times I have total brain farts.  These drafts help me with the brain fart days, so I don't have to go for days without posting something.

I also have lots of posts that are more personal/Journal type of entries that I don't "publish" for everyone to read.  When I feel like I have enough, I'm going to get one of these!  It's a cute little book/journal that is so easy to make.  Just enter your blogger account information, and it will format your journal in date order, and extract all of your posts and photos and put them right in the book.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.

This is what unruly hair looks like.  I'm going to go curl it now.

I am frequently told that I have a "very expressive face."  During a simple conversation I make tons of faces, whether I'm talking or just listening.  Above are some of the facial expressions I exhibit during normal conversation...  Just so you know.

Next, to celebrate my 200th Published post, I have...

A New Blog Layout!!!

Cute huh?  and it actually works, you know links that actually work, bigger space to write, etc.  Also, I got rid of the music player.  {*Tear*}  I know that when I visit other blogs I mute my speakers because, "I don't want to listen to this crappy music."  So, although I like my music, others may not... RIP


Happy Bi-Centennial!

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