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The Textbook Business: Not in a Recession

With School beginning tomorrow, I had the ever so glorious task of buying Textbooks. While most students groan and mumble about this inevitable errand, Science students downright dread it. The average Science book costs $300.00. Given that most scientific subjects are ever changing, most text books need to be replaced every semester, even for a class like Biology I and Biology II.

I got on my University Bookstore’s website and compiled my textbook list for this semester. I’m taking 14 credits of upper division Biology classes along with a Spanish class, so apart from mi libro de espaƱol, I needed all new, all expensive texts.

The Grand Total at check out for a Genetics text, a Biochemistry text, and an oh-so-fascinating text on Animal Behavior?

*GASP!* I think my heart stopped. After I cried a little, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting {around $800.00 or so}, but I also realized “I can do better!”

I headed over to Half.com. Have you heard of it? I’m almost certain I mentioned it last semester. In case you missed it, just type in the text book name and it will search for every copy of that book that is being sold, and listed in order of its condition. Sometimes the site may find a result for $50.00 but upon further investigation it is $50.00 for a "poor condition" text with "major highlighting" and "coffee stains on the cover."
I got lucky because I bought all of my books “Brand New,” “Never Used,” and “Still in Shrink Wrap.” And here’s what I ended up spending:

Attention all college students! If you haven’t already, head over to Half.com for some serious savings. If you’ve already purchased your books for this semester, return them! Seriously, there is still time, and then go to Half.com.

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