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Morgan +'s Jake Sully and A Green Party

Last night BF and I had our first date night since before school started. Why? Because I have no sense of "life balance," and can only handle so many "things" on my plate at a time.

Anyway, we went and sawin 3D!

It was incredible!

I've decided I have a total alien crush on Jakesully;

But only in his Na'vi form, not as a human. I'm also looking into whether or not Carnival goes to Pandora.

Pandora Travel Brochure Video

Hmm? Maybe later this summer?

To be honest I wasn't interested in seeing this movie, but we went to see what all the fuss was about. If you haven't seen it yet, DO! And give me call, because I totally want to see it again. It will be a date, I'll even buy popcorn.

PS. I bought the soundtrack today, it reminded me of the soundtrack from "The Time Machine." Did you see that move? The movie was... Meh, but the soundtrack was awesome. To preview, Click here.

In other news

I've been trying out my new Lush stuff. I first tried the Christmas Kisses bubble bar. I figured, "Mandarin, orange, lime, I can handle citrus." I forgot about the Cinnamon. The smell was very "Spicy" and the water looked like a bloody mess. Have I mentioned that RED is without a doubt my least favorite color? It was relaxing and produced GREAT bubbles, but the spice smell stuck to my skin leaving me smelling like a middle eastern street carnival and later on gave me a horrible migraine.... Wah wha wah.

Today I tried the Green Party bath bomb... I even took pictures! I started with a nice tub of water, and dropped in 1/2 of the fizzy. Deciding it wasn't enough (in all actuality it would have been plenty), I dropped in the other half. It foamed, fizzed, and bubbled releasing a calming aroma of "White Rain Hairspray" and colored confetti. All in all, I liked it. The smell wasn't overwhelming and the green water sort of reminded me of summer days spent at Lake Mead minus the sticky slim and ugly carp.

Green Party Bath Bomb, meet my bathtub.

Fizz Bubble Bubble Fizz

It really was a Green Party in my tub.

The Hangover... Clean-up actually wasn't bad at all.

I went back to the store the other day armed with coffee beans to help me actually smell stuff. I found a lot of products that I really like (mostly bubble bars). I've decided I'm not so much of a "spicy" person but more of a "fruity" and "floral-y" lover; as evidenced by my perfumes. I'm hoping BF will pick up the hints I've been leaving and get me a few for Valentine's Day.

{Crosses fingers}

That's all for now, I'm off to venture the wonderful world of homework.

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