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Snow Day

Lately I have been jones-ing for some snow. That's one of the cons of living in a desert, no snow. Last year it snowed on Christmas Eve and lasted through the day after Christmas. I've never seen that before in Las Vegas.

Christmas Day 2008

Yesterday I was feeling a little blue. With the Christmas decorations put away until December and no fun holidays for quite a while, I needed a little pick me up.

This morning BF came over and woke me up very early...

My future husband gets to wake up next to this EVERY morning!

OK OK not early "per se," but school starts next week, so I'm taking this week to enjoy sleeping in.  Anyway, I was woken up relatively early and told to find my snowboard stuff...  Half asleep, and the QUEEN of all Grumpus-es I found the "Snowboard Clothes" box in the garage and grabbed my snowboard jacket and pants.

BF surprised me by drivng us up to Mount Charleston for a morning to play in the snow!  I was so excited.  Once we found a place to park, we put our snow stuff over our clothes.  As I reached in my bag to get my pants, I noticed something...  I had not packed my size Small, cute, brown plaid snowboard pants... Oh no, I had packed my brother's size Large, ugly, gray pants.  Aww Crap.

Man Pants

 I love my furry pink jacket

They were huge, but I managed to keep them up with a belt BF had in his truck. 

We decided to hike up the mountain a little way to find good snow to play in.  If there is something to know about me, it is that I am EXTREMELY out of shape!  I have not worked out since before my cruise back in May.  After just a few feet I could feel the burn.  "start taking a cycle class" immediately went on my mental resolutions list.

Once we got to the top, yes, THE VERY TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, I felt sick, and I've felt this kind of sick before...

*Side story*

A little over a year ago I attended a family reunion up at Bear Lake in Idaho.  Whoever was in charge of bringing drinks brought 24 cans of soda and 24 water bottles (for 45 people for 3 days).  Needless to say, some of us had to find a store and buy our own drinks.  The only thing close by was a "walk-up" burger joint with a soda fountain.  After about 32 hours of being exposed to high elevation, warm weather, and caffeinated sugary drinks, I got this sick feeling...

We left Bear Lake and headed back to our cousins house in Salt Lake City, and I was sick the whole way.  I threw up every five minutes, even though I had nothing in my stomach.  Every time I tried to drink something, it came back up within 3 minutes.  I got to the point where I was sipping water through a coffee straw and even that wouldn't stay down.

After an hour my complexion began to turn ghostly white (with red all around my eyes) so my brothers forced me to go to the hospital, where I was treated for dehydration.  The nurse took a blood sample and told me my blood looked like sludge.  After 2 IV's my color came back and I was discharged, however, for two whole days I still felt sick and could only keep down gatorade.*

My first time at the hospital... not fun

Anyway, It was that kind of sick! Not as intense, not as bad, but the beginnings of it.  I cursed the fact that we left the water in the truck, and did the only other thing I could think of.  Laying down in the snow, I grabbed a handful of clean white powder, and put it in my mouth. 

BF shrieked things like, "don't eat the snow!" And,  "that's so gross!  What would Bear Grylls say?" and the like.  But immediately I felt better.

BF was practically gagging

After about 15 handfills, I was fine.  We played on the top of the mountain in the fresh powder for a while, having snowball fights, and making snow angels.

My snow angel

When it was time to go, we decided the best way to get down the mountain was to sled.  It was fairly icy on the way up, so we didn't even need sleds, we just sat down and away we went.


It was such a fun afternoon, and really did make January a little more tolerable.

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