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Announcement! Prissy Posies

Today was my first day back-to-school. I'm so tired that I decided I have just enough energy to either:

Begin memorizing the names and chemical structures of all 20 amino acids


Do a quick blog post.

{Hmm. Decisions, decisions.}

Sorry protein-chain building blocks... you loose. {Wah wah waaaahhh}

Anyway, I decided to wear one of my flower hair clips to school today:

In Cranberry

While falling asleep in Genetics, I noticed this:

My hair clip and the inside tag of my hoodie match!

What's more, "Scarlett and Gray" are my school colors. {Represent... or does that make me a geek?}


I decided nix a professional design and to go ahead and launch my new little shop website. If you are interested in purchasing some cute hair accessories, I'm currently selling the ear warmers I made, as well as the hair clips pictured above. Everything is $10.00 or less, and I've got more products in the works. If you're interested, click the Prissy Posies link in my side bar!

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