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Saturday is a Special Day...

Here's what I did today:
I put a pretty pink flower in my hair

I got a little inspiration from Kesha's Tik Tok video and I painted my toes Leopard!!!  It was so easy and took 2 minutes (no joke).

Maybe her's aren't "Leopard" per-se, but mine sure are!!!

To do: Get 3 nail polish colors: light, medium, and dark.

1. Paint your tootisies the lightest color
2. With the medium color put spots on your tootsies. Make sure to wipe the brush of excess polish so as not to cause "drippage."
3. With the darkest color and a thin brush (or use black liquid eyeliner) make squiggly lines around the outline of the dots. Don't draw full circles, just pieces will do. The messier, the better.
4. Let dry 20 minutes and seal with top coat.

Mom and & I had a girls night. 
♫ Girls Night! Girls Night! Woo woo! ♫
We ate Mexican Food and saw It's Complicated
(soooo funny! I can't for the life of me figure out why it got an R rating.)

I'm watching the Screen Actor's Guild Awards in my pink Snuggie!

What a lovely Saturday.

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  1. I haven't seen leopard toes before and I am now super excited to have open toed shoes this summer and go wild!
    We are a family of snuggie wearers.
    I haven't seen It's Complicated, going to go look it up.
    Glad you had fun

  2. You seriously crack me up!!!!

  3. The leopard print is FABULOUS! I love it! Oh, remember when you let me take photos of you and your friend for my class.. I came across those photos while organizing! If you want me to send you what I found, I can email you. But I need your email address. :)


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