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Welcoming 2010 with a Rash

New Year's has never been a "big-deal" holiday for me.  When I was younger I would galavant along the Las Vegas strip with millions of other party animals, but in my old age, I'd rather not deal with the cold weather or drunk drivers.  Last year I was in bed at 10:00.

This year BF was working late (til about 9) so I decided just to hang out with my family, all of whom had the flu.  I'd been cleaning all day and my sweats didn't seem the proper attire for any glamorous parties.  My mom decided to make things a little more festive by purchasing some New Year flair.

There were sparkly top hats covered in glitter, tiaras, mardi-gras style beads, 2010 eye glasses, maracas, horns and confetti poppers!  I decided I wanted pink beads, a pink tiara and the glasses.

When I went to put on the necklace, I couldn't get them over my head!!!  They must have been made for toddlers because my head is not large.  I have a pin head.  While stuck against my forhead, I thought they looked kind of like a hippy head-band and decided I'd wear them the way they fell.  Below are some "MySpace" style photos.

Not the best "get-up" but I was too tired to care

After all the horn blowing, hooting and hollaring to welcome in 2010, Griffin came home.  He was a little disappointed because he did not get a New Year's kiss... So I decided to help him out.  I don't think he appreciated it.

A few hours later it was time to call it a night.  BF went home and I took off my beaded crown.  I discovered that I must have been allergic to the plastic because "Happy New Year" was imprinted on my forehead in all directions... in the form of a rash! 

What a great way to start the year!

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  1. Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know I got my goodies :) Thanks a Bunch


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