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What Did You Do This Week?

My real First Day of School
Kindergarden 1989
Yes, my hair was crimped
  • This week brought the beginning of my last mandatory year of education. You see in my family, college was never an option, but an obligation. I have decided to really "go out with a bang" and stay on top of all of my assignments. In order to do that my extreme-need-for-organization kicked in, and I planned out my EXACT homework/study schedule through the month of September. As long as I stick to the schedule, I'll be ahead and have plenty of time to learn/study the materials.

  • I’ve been having strange dreams lately. I don't typically have dreams, and if I do, I am usually awakened by some form of nightmare. In the past two nights, however, I have been aboard a large car ferry that was commandeered and pirated by Kermit the Frog, who was, quite rightly, wearing a Panda bear costume. It was bizarre, but scary. In the second dream, I was at the mall, lolly gagging with the crew of Twilight. I had just purchased a used, brown and orange floral couch and we were trying to find someone to take a photo of all of us sitting on the couch in the parking garage. Meanwhile, Kellen Lutz got my phone number and gave me panties from Victoria's Secret.

I met Kellan when I photographed the ESPY'S last year, before he was famous.

He's quite possibly the nicest kid ever.

  • Why do LDS people feel the need to get married before they reach 21? My mom says it’s a cultural thing, and that we were just raised differently. We were raised to get married when we know it’s right and we’re in love, and all that blah blah blah, but we were also taught that education is important, and trying to balance marriage, family, finances, etc. while a student is very difficult. I think we also have an over developed sense of finances. Neither my brothers nor I want to get married without knowing that, at the very least, we can support ourselves and a spouse. This entails finishing school, getting out of debt, and being in control of our finances before we marry.

    This week in institute I felt like a leper. Bro. Fotheringham (whom I love), asked everyone if they had a boyfriend/girlfriend or who was/wasn’t married already. Out of the 20 young adults in my class, I’m the only one who is not currently married. Did I mention that at 25 I am also the oldest student in the class?!?!? I don’t feel bad though; right now I have no desire to get married… I have a laundry list of things I feel I need to accomplish first, I just don’t like the idea that I’m judged and labeled an “old maid” or that “there’s something wrong with me”. Life today is no longer as it was 50 or 100 years ago. There’s no need to marry young. I think 27-30 is a good age to get married. Anyone else agree or disagree?

  • My Biology Counselor is making me re-take Organic Chemistry II to get the A instead of the B- I got when I took it 2 years ago (Apparently it really REALLY really makes a difference in whether or not I will get accepted into Medical School). I have a teacher who is new to the school, and he is AWESOME. First of all, he’s American... As in from the United States, and therefore has no impeding accent. Secondly he explains things in idiot terms, which, as anyone who has taken this class knows, is extremely hard to do, but essential if you want your students to pass. This class is the most difficult class that is offered at ANY University, and a passing A is usually only a 50% or less. I know that I only had a 17% and got a B- the last time I took it, so this goes to show its complexity and the giant grade curve required for students to survive. I find myself actually looking forward to this class, because so far, I understand what is going on.

  • With the start of school came the inevitable buying of Textbooks. I read this account from No Telling, which couldn’t be truer. Luckily, my brother told me about a website called Half.com from EBay. At this website students can buy new or used textbooks for bargain prices. For example, my required reading list at the UNLV bookstore would have cost upwards of $800, however, I purchased all of my books, brand new, from Half.com for only $220. The only downside was that I waited until the Thursday before class started, and even though I opted for Expedited 2-day shipping (only $5.39 instead of $3.99 regular shipping), my books took almost a week to get here.

  • Cindy called this week. Twice.

  • After a long week of "feeding my brain", I've decided to do something mindless and bake. I found 2 recipes for cupcakes that I'm interested in trying. One is Cherry Limeade, and the other is Maple French Toast & Bacon. Both seem to have VERY different flavors but like I said, I'm curious to try them. If I don't like them, I can always throw them away, or take them to church and pass them out to the boys. Mormon boys will eat anything. I've set up an anonymous vote so you can help me decide which to make.

What Flavor Sounds Better?

Cherry Limeade
Maple French Toast Bacon

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  1. I'm with you on the whole getting married early thing. However, I've noticed no matter HOW out of debt you are, how financially stable you are, or how smart you are...you're always going to be broke when you're married ha ha (at least at first...I think it's because you're used to getting whatever you want...and you really have to adjust...geez)

  2. 1. I have been having the strangest dreams for the last two weeks... I never dream. A few nights ago I had worms coming from my hair, but I was not scared.

    2. I think it's time you turn the tables on Cindy. If you don't want to I will, I have a lot of time on my hands this week.

    3. I have had a Maple/Bacon cupcake. You will love it, if you like the taste of puke in your mouth. Enjoy.

    xo Kendra


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