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I'm very Busy & Important

I thought I would do a quick post tonight. I've been super busy lately, even though I haven't ACTUALLY done anything... Physically anyway. For the last 5 days, I have slept, eaten and sat at my computer, and that's it! I did take a few hours last night to watch some late night TV with my brothers. What was on? Wrestling! Yes, as in Monday night RAW. Are you kidding? I have never been a fan of wrestling, but Colby has loved it since we were very young, and unfortunately he had both of the remotes.

*Side note: Yes we have 2 remote controls for one very large television. There are two reasons for this. The first being that it's much easier to fight over what we watch when two people each have a remote. It's like the scenes in Disney's Sleeping Beauty when the Fairy Godmothers, Flora and Maryweather, are fighting over what color Aurora's dress should be. Secondly, it allows whoever is watching to feel in control. Doesn't everyone feel like they have complete control in life when holding that little piece of technology?*

**Other sidenote: Back to wrestling. As I mentioned before, Colby used to be a super-fan. He and my dad would watch whenever a Special was on, which, to my great annoyance seemed like every night of the week: Sunday Night Smack down, Monday Night Raw, etc. My dad always watched with him, as did Evan and Griffin, but I don't think they liked it as much. Until 2nd grade we only had 1 TV in our house, so if wrestling was on I was forced to watch. My mom and I would complain endlessly about about the gross old men in spandex, and try, with no avail, to help my brothers to realize, that not only were their moves fake, it was bad acting too. The only good thing to come from this torture was when Griffin was about 3 and just learning to talk, Colby taught him to sing Sean Michael's Theme Song. Granted nowadays I would think it inappropriate for a toddler to sing, "I'm just a sexy boy... I'm not your boy toy." At the time it was adorable. (PS I secretly did think The Heartbreak Kid was a little cute).

In watching last night, it was fun to see the much older Sean Michaels apparently "Return" to wrestling and galavant with another man, who I can only assume is his "bestie." the two huge, tight-jean clad men seemed to enjoy running around the ring, making X's with their arms across their private parts and yelling "Suck it." That's entertainment.**

So what did this mindless mini-break tear me away from that was so important?!? Hours upon hours of what we in the Photography business call "post production". I have 2 Wedding albums a a guest book and a total of about 400 photos to edit and design. I am determined to get all of my work done, before school starts on Monday! Here's a little (and I mean very little) peak into the reason my butt and legs never want to come in contact with a chair again:

I have been toying with the idea of a new logo for a while. So far this is what I've come up with. It's a logo and a few watermarks. I've also been getting serious about my website design... That will still take a while though. The colors of these were ruined during the upload, Blogger hates Photoshop's vibrant colors. They are suppposed to be Lagoon Blue, Hunter Green, and Raspberry. I'm also creating all new Branding/Marketing tools for new or prospective clients. I'm so excited for the final result!

This is the cover for Michelle & Travis's guest book. It is so cute on the inside and I can't wait until my extra copy comes in to show new clients. It's a 20 page 7x7 book with lots of room for guests to sign. I've also included little Advice topics and Love quotes as well. In a few weeks I'll have a digital version up on my website.

This is a page from Kirsten & Sean's Wedding album. Sorry to ruin the surprise Kirsten! Again the colors are hideous and look very dull on Blogger, but it's turning out really well. I'm about halfway done with only 40 layouts left to go! (Let's see that's about 14 layouts a day until I go out of town... I can do it, I can do it).
Wish me luck.

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  1. omg I LOVE it!!!!!!! I'm so excited to see it!! And I love your new logos :) I really like the maroon one with your initals...I think that would look really good on the pictures or proofs or whatever.


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