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Italian Dinner &
Drug Overdose

Tonight I went to the BF's house for dinner. His whole family is always raving about "Grandma's" Spaghetti sauce. “It’s amazing!” they’ll say. Or, “no one else’s sauce even comes close, you have to try it!” I was skeptical. I happen to believe that my mom's sauce is the unsurpassed. However, the more I thought about it, I realized that everyone thinks the red tomato concoction tastes best when prepared by their own mother/grandmother. I decided to give the ol’ gal the benefit of the doubt. After all, I ♥ Spaghetti, and it can't be that hard to make a decent spaghetti sauce, right?

As we sat down to dinner, the infamous pottage smelled… Well it smelled like Spaghetti sauce. I scooped up some ravioli onto my plate. Then a slice of garlic bread, 2 meatballs, a heaping spoon of spaghetti and something called a Braciole (pronounced: “brazole.” Basically it is consists of slices of round steak wrapped around hard boiled egg with garlic and basil). I then topped off the whole mess with 3 ladles of Spaghetti sauce. I opened my mouth, took the first bite and… sent a text message to my mom that said:
BF’s grandma heard I love Spaghetti and everyone here has been telling me for weeks how amazing her sauce is… I just tried it. It tastes like yours… only with less meat, more water, and no flavor. Plus there are hard boiled eggs in it. Thanks for making the BEST spaghetti sauce ever.
Just as I finished texting my very professional critique, I noticed something strange about my BF. He was taking FOREVER to eat, and kept complaining that he was having a hard time swallowing the food. But he was eating a ton, which is rare for him, so I let him alone. All of a sudden he got very still and quiet, in a very creepy way. His dad also noticed and asked if he was OK, to which he replied, “I’m fine.”

The still, strange behavior only got worse, and the BF seemed to be falling asleep as he was eating. He would simply “pass out” mid sentence. His head would fall forward, or back, eyes rolling in the back of his head. Then a few seconds he later he would wake up and finish what he was saying as if nothing happened. We were all very concerned. Informing him he was acting like a drunkard. We wondered what was causing this strange behavior, when all of a sudden I looked over and his lips were turning blue. Before I could finish vocalizing my concern for his coloring, his lips and tongue had turned Violet purple! The rest of his face turned a clammy gray color. I got up literally scared straight. I yelled to his mom who was doing the dishes that we needed to take him to the doctor.

Instantly he sat up and yelled with slurred speech that he would not be seeing a doctor. I pointed out his hands which had gone stark white. If ever I were to see a corpse, this is what I imagine one would look like. With heavy, dozing eyes, and garbled muttering, he insisted he just needed to relax for a minute and was very tired. While I ranted and raved about the importance of correct medical diagnosis, his mom rubbed his back and took his temperature. Almost immediately the statuesque cadaver facade disappeared and his normal color came back! However his behavior was still that of an Intervention documentary subject.

While he still insisted he felt fine, I was able to convince him to get in the car so I could take him “home”, and by home I meant emergency room. On the way to the hospital he said he was thirsty and didn’t feel well so we stopped by my parent’s house to get water. He got sick, to which I immediately called Colby. Whenever I panic I call Colby. He loves situations that are high impact and high drama, and I don’t bode well in either.

Colby came out and agreed that he needed to go to the doctor, as did the rest of my family. He drank two bottles of water, got sick a few more times and then, almost miraculously he started to get better. He went from death's door to 60% in literally minutes. Now I believe in the healing powers of water, but only in instances of sore muscles and baptisms... This was something else. This was amazing. A half hour or so past and he seemed to become right as rain, but still tired. We decided just to take him home and let him rest since he seemed to be out of danger. It was a very scary experience!

What happened to him you ask? No, no, he wasn't demonically possessed, that was my first guess as well (seriously ask him. I swear I watch too much of this show) For the last few days his allergies have been really bad causing his sinuses to go crazy. So he purchased some nasal spray, Sudafed and Nyquil. He hates taking pills so he talked very carefully with the Pharmacist about the quantity he should take and when. He figured it would be fine. What he didn’t tell the pharmacist is that he is also currently taking 2 prescription medications! He figured that O.T.C. medications would have no impact on his prescriptions. Wrong. After playing detective, and making a call to my dad in Germany, we discovered the effect of mixing them was the cause of the bizarre behavior.

Essentially, with the Nyquil and Sudafed he had a double dose of pseudoephedrine which had an adverse chemical reaction with his prescription meds. His body was trying to do what-you-normally-want-it-to-do-when-you-take-Nyquil, and sleep, and he was fighting to stay awake. The turning purple indicated that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen, again due to mixing drugs.

Once we got to his house and he was coherent enough for me to talk him, I chewed him out, and then asked what he was thinking taking Nyquil in the middle of the day. He replied that he was out of Dayquil. Typical.

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  1. omg - never come to NJ! They have even more strange things that they pronounce even stranger than Braciole. Weirdos!


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