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9 Things

1. I have a nasty habit of eating in bed. I'm very anal about crumbs and use a hand towel as a bib, but nevertheless, I love a good snack while laying down and watching TV.

2. I need at least 1 serving of junk food a day to survive, preferably Chocolate. For example, This past week I personally have consumed 2 boxes of Cheez-it's and 1 1/2 Gallons of Rocky Road Ice Cream. My Brothers and I were just discussing our fantastic genes. Without them, we'd all be in serious trouble. I'm starting P90X tomorrow because honestly, I feel disgusting.

3. I haven't seen my natural hair color since 7th grade. I've been every color under the rainbow but I prefer Light Blond. I'm almost certain I am a natural blond because when my hair is dyed dark, and I get roots, they look white. However, when I'm light and my roots come in they look black... I'm going to guess Dark/dirty blond...
4. I can raise my left eyebrow but not my right. I am also double jointed in my thumbs. I can bend them backwards to a 90 degree angle, but I can not make them stand straight up. (My "thumbs up" gesture looks a little strange)

5. I HATE HATE HATE when people speak in the 2nd person, when they should be speaking in the 1st. For example, I was watching a Proactive commercial and the boy said, "When I put this crap on my face at night, you wake up and you don't have acne." No, that is not the case. You put the pimple cream on and I still get a zit. UGH! It drives me nuts. Now that you know about this, you will notice people doing it ALL THE TIME! I blame it on our public education system.

6. My BF thinks my couponing/saving money turns me on more than he does. To which I respond, "Good, you're not supposed to be turning me on!!!"

7. I have severe insomnia. It started about 2 years ago. I am never tired until about 5am. Even if I go to bed at 10 I lay awake until about 5, sometimes 7. It's ridiculous. Right now I'm not in school so it's OK if I don't wake up until noon, but Monday I have class at 8:30 (what was I thinking) meaning I need to be up by 6:30 so I can be down to good ol' UNLV on time.

8. If there was any money in it, my dream job would be as a Paleoanthropologist. I love ancient humans and would love to spend all day researching/looking at "Cavemen." Although I technically don't believe in Evolution, I do believe that my religious beliefs and Science go hand in hand. And I love being able to connect science and religion whenever I learn something new. If I were able to make $100,000+ annually digging up bones in the dirt, I'd do it in a heart beat.

9. I am going camping this weekend. When I was younger I was a total "boy". Pants, outside games, dirt, mud, and all things boy used to excite me. Then, about my senior year of high school, I gained an appreciation for the color pink, make-up, and hair products. I haven't been camping since the one year I actually went to girls camp, and I have to say I'm a little nervous. I googled things to pack for camping and every website I've come across stresses the importance of packing light. However while scrolling through the lists it seems as though I should just pack the entire contents of my house...

CONTEST: So here's where you come in. I am looking for "an experienced" camper's knowledge of a good weekend packing list. Whoever e-mails me the best, and most helpful list will receive a FREE portrait session (not wedding). I need the list no later than Thursday evening at about 6pm PST. The portrait session is available to all Las Vegas Residents, and is valued at $125. It could be of your children, family, or just you. Good luck!

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  1. It's ok if I dont win, but since this was my major..here is my packing list (just for a weekend trip):

    Toliet Paper
    Toothbrush/paste (if you want)
    Deoderant (if you want)
    Sleeping bag
    Socks--bring two extra pairs
    underware--extra pair
    LONG pajamas
    Water bottle
    Clean water
    LONG pants (the buggies will get ya!)
    Short sleeve shirt
    Long sleeve shirt
    Hat (keeps you warm at night, cool during the day)
    Bug spray (do you need it in Vegas?? You do in texas for sure!)
    pillow (if you want)
    Trash bag

    Anything that can easily cook, easily be stored, and won't go bad.
    I usually take a lot of snack bars, hot dogs, biscuits, oatmeal...really easy to cook and keeps you full. Take some friut, it'll taste really good in the middle of the day.

    Yeah, for a weekend short trip, thats what I would take...oh, and your camera!!! Of course!!!! People always say "bring your scriptures" and journal...but I always forget, and they're heavy. ha ha


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