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Oh Monda

I recently found This Blog on the "blogs of note" tab on my Dashboard, and next to The Meanest Mom, it has quickly become one of my favorites to read. This little English Professors' words flow off the page like a breath of fresh air. I was literally awake almost all of last night, eyes glued to my computer screen forcing back the inevitable migraine, and read every single blog post of hers. Her blog is somewhat interactive; with links, and even a vintage chapter from the Palmer Method of Business Writing- and it has lots and lots of Vocabulary words for me!








On occasion, I couldn't help but wonder if these words were made up. But, as you can, they are legitimate, real words that people use. I can't imagine being able to conjure up this sort of terminology in everyday conversation. However, Monda does. She is a Southern Grandma (so of course we like her already), who is obsessed with all things writing, and vintage ephemera. I'm hooked. Not only is her blog interactive and educational, it's entertaining. Which, as far as I'm concerned is a thumbs up all around... Or a Hitch hiker's thumb all around... Check her out.

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