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And I'm off...

To enjoy a nature filled weekend at beautiful Panguitch Lake.

On Tuesday, I designed a contest for those who read my blog to help me with a Weekend Camping packing list. The entries came pouring in... Three all together. Congratulations to KDEN01@yahoo.com, who has won a FREE family portrait session, from A Thousand Words... E-mail me for details.

Thank you Melanie and Kirsten for your entries. They were very thorough and helpful, however it was the creativity and whining undertones of KDEN01's list that made them the winner! ("Baby wipes, because let's face it, being dirty is 'Eww gross'").

As a consolation prize, I have here a hillarious account of why White People Like camping so much. All those who didn't submit entries this go round may enjoy this prize as well, and hopefully you will feel compelled to enter the next contest.

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